Aug 23 2013

Slides and Sanitation

Do you ever think about whether or not someone cleans the indoor play structure at the fast food restaurant?  My Sam loves those things!  In fact, it is very difficult to go through the drive through at the restaurant that has a slide because Sam will freak out!  He does not understand why we are in the drivethru.  "Dad you are nuts for not wanting to go in and slide!!!".  The preschoolers probably think parents are really boring.

But, the last time I was watching Sam slide down and run through the giant sized habitrail I realized that I have never seen an employee clean it.   I asked Amy what she thought about the sanitation of the fast food slide, and she said that she chooses to believe that they clean it every day!  I am choosing to believe the same thing!  Denial can be a gift from God if you want it to!




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