Sep 11 2013

Doing More

I was at a seminar recently when I heard one of the speakers tout the benefit of self-driving cars: so you can do more.  I got sick to my stomach.  Why? Because I don't want to do more!  I have enough "more" to do already!  Funny, Amy shared two news stories today.  One revealed that most Americans waste on average 5 hours at work doing nothing significant.  The other news story revealed that shorter work outs, as little as 4 minutes, are becoming popular because people say we just don't have enough time.  

So, we want self-driving cars so we can do more, yet we waste 5 hours at work doing nothing, but believe we don't have enough time to get in a decent work out.  We are a funny people.  

If one of the benefits of a self-driving car is "doing more" than how about we use this opportunity to "do less"?  If you're like me, your car is sometimes the one place you can find a little refuge, maybe even a little quiet time.  It's a prayer pod on wheels.  A mobile secret place to do more "less".  I say 'yes' to the self-driving car, but only if the 'yes' leads to less.

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