Sep 16 2013

Married 20 Years? What's Your Advice?

After more than 2 decades together - what wives would want to share with ‘new’ wives:

1.Hold hands whenever you can

2.Pray for him everyday

3.Cultivate your friendship

4.Make loving him your priority – over your job, your friends – even your kids

5.Decide you’re going to stick together

Read an article from wives married at least 20 years…offering their 'wisdom'….their best advice they'd love to pass along to young brides. (You can see some of their advice above). For me (Amy), I've only been married 15 years - - but my advice is: laugh together. Laughing together can really be intimate and a wonderful reminder of the fun person you fell in love with and married (life can get crazy/stressful when you're working hard, paying the bills and raising a family) YOU NEED TO LAUGH!!! What's your advice?

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