Nov 05 2013

What You Missed This Tuesday Morning!

What a wonderful story from K-LOVE listener Jay Shields:
God is SUPER AWESOME!!! My son asked me to buy him a goal for Christmas. I told him okay. So he took his basketball outside and practiced dribbling every single day in the driveway. A guy stopped by one day in his truck and told him that he had noticed he'd been bouncing his ball everyday he drives by. Then he told him "I bet you wish you had a goal?" And my son told him "yes sir, I do". The next morning when my son got ready to leave for school, he saw a brand new goal already assembled in the driveway. We both feel truly blessed by a total stranger.


After 13 years, Tasha will be home for the holidays


God's cookies


Encouraging Story of The Day.  It just took one song for her to give her life to Christ!

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