Feb 06 2014

Little Sammy Swallowed a Nickel, "Asked and Answered" and the Encouraging Story of the Day!

Little Sammy Kankelfritz swallowed a nickel.

"It's A GOD Thing" Take a listen to Kim's Story!


End child nagging & negotiating with just three simple words: “Asked and Answered.”

Instead of repeating yourself or jumping in to a lecture, avoid child nagging by getting eye to eye and follow the process below:

Step One: Ask, “Have you ever heard of ‘Asked and Answered’?” (He’ll probably say no.)

Step Two: Ask, “Did you ask me a question about digging a hole?” (He’ll say yes.)

Step Three: Ask, “Did I answer it?” (He’ll probably say, “Yes, but, I really ….”)

Step Four: If Daniel asks again, simply say, “Asked and Answered.” (No other words are necessary!) Once this technique has been established, these are the only words you should need to say to address nagging questions.


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