Jan 08 2010

Colt McCoy Wins More Than A Championship!

I admit I was disappointed with the outcome of last night's College Football National Championship game. Alabama had a great season,and deserve a big pat on the back... but the real winner in the game last night was The Gospel. You don't even have to be a sports fan to appreciate Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy! As a sports fan, I was heartbroken to see Colt get knocked out of the biggest game of his college career, but the lesson that we can all learn from how he handled it was a lesson that will stick with me far longer than a National Championship. Colt showed what it means to love God and let your light so shine before men. I am sure that Colt would have glorified God in his post game speech, if Texas would have won, but I am sure that it wouldn't have had the impact that his parting words did last night. His words, his heart, his display of sportsmanship brought me to tears and inspired me. I hope that you'll take the time to watch this video, and then to pass it on!

Jan 07 2010

The New You in 52 Weigh in #1 is tomorrow!!!

Well tomorrow I am weighing in for the New YOU in 52 challenge. Our hope is that you can achieve your goals to get healthier this year and we have some great expert guests to help you. Including nutritionist Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads. And celebrity trainer Tony Horton, the creator of P 90X and the 10 Minute Trainer. If you have any questions, or a recipe for one of your favorite meals that Christine can help you make healthier.... Let us know!!!

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Jan 07 2010

Special guests in the KLOVE studio!!!

Chris and Conrad are going to in with us this afternoon... The guys who sing K-LOVE favorite "Lead Me To The Cross." Is there anything that you would like to ask them? Is there any particular song that you would like to here them play? We are think about playing a game with them, to see how well they know each other...What should we ask???

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