Sep 01 2011

Day for Remembering

All packed for Life Light. That's all Kelli's luggage, mine fits in my back pack.

9/11 10th Anniversary Is a Day for Remembering, Not Forgetting ABC News

In an attempt not to offend any one religion prayer is quickly discarded on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, but the first recorded victim was a priest who was praying at the time of his death.  Should there be prayer on the 10th anniversary?

Free Chick-fil-A. ABC News

iPhone hacker Comex says he's landed an internship ... at Apple CNN

5 Workout Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results. Shine from YAHOO!

Donny and Marie Osmond host a cruise to the Bahamas. USA TODAY

Hospital garb harbors nasty bacteria, new study says. MSNBC


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