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Special Guest Jeremy Affeldt

Jeremy Affeldt is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.


 What's it like being in the playoffs?

Dealing with the pressure.

Not For Sale & Generation Alive

Other Organizations fighting Human Trafficking:

Abolition International

International Justice Mission

A21 Campaign

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Oct 17 2012

Celebrating 30 Years, With You

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Aug 23 2013

Christmas Creep, Is It Too Early?

You may have seen it... it’s called the "Christmas Creep" - stores that are fully decked out for Christmas with about 4 months left before the holiday season. If it's not bad enough, I was at our local mall in July and there was a full on window display with Santa, candles, mistletoe, and it said "start your wish list now." I had to take a picture of it because I could not believe that was out.. in July!

When experts were consulted on this, they said retailers fear that if they don't start now, they are going to lose out to other stores for the Christmas season.

I am a Christmas fanatic by far, it's my favorite time of the year but can we wait to put the Christmas stuff in the stores until the pool toys have been stored away?