Oct 16 2013

YOU Can Make a Difference!

You have heard us share "little things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!". Put simply, the little things that we do to show God's love and kindness to others can change their life.  Two guys from Denver,  Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites, normally make prank videos, but in their latest video they set out to show how easy it is to be kind.  Their point is that even the simplest things, things that we can all do, make a difference! Check out how simple being kind is and take them up on their challenge to do something kind for someone today! 

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Oct 15 2013

Steven Curtis Chapman's Dedication to his wife

Steven Curtis Chapman on his Facebook page today dedicated the first verse of his song "Together" to his wife, Mary Beth, as they celebrated 29 years of marriage. Here was his note:

Now that I’ve discovered this wonderful new form of communication called Facebook I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you about this very special day in my life. 29 years ago today I began the most amazing journey with the most amazing woman. The journey began in Springfield, Ohio in a little church that Mary Beth grew up attending. I was a very excited and nervous young man with no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew at that point was that for the first time in my life since I had met her and began to get know her, every time I tried to imagine or “picture” the future, she was there. I wanted to go wherever God was going to take me (and us) with her beside me...if she would be willing. Thankfully, she felt the same (even with my mullet hairdo and sorry attempt at a mustache...no small miracle!) and on this day 29 years ago we held hands and said the words to each other, “to have and to hold, til death do us part”. (And just a side note...she was breathtakingly beautiful...or as I would’ve said on that day, “she’s lookin’ fine!!!)

Earlier today my bride posted something on “instagram” (ah, yet another form of modern “communication” that I have thus far successfully refused to personally take part in...I’m sure my days are numbered). She “wrote” some beautifully honest and honoring words (thank you sweetheart!) and quoted the 2nd verse of a song I wrote for her called “Together” on my new CD. At the risk of being a “copycat” and breaking some kind of unwritten rule about “never quoting your own lyrics” (a rule I’m not aware of, but just seems like there’s a rule out there somewhere that prohibits or at least discourages that kind of activity) I’m gonna quote the 1st verse.

From “Together”: 

“Here we stand and here we are 

with all our wounds and battle scars

from all the storms and all the wars we’ve weathered...together.

We had no way of knowing when 

we started way back there and then

How the road would twist and turn and bend

We just knew we belonged...together” 

The journey of these past 29 years has definitely had more “twists and turns and bends” than we ever could’ve imagined...but I have never been more thankful for my bride and her beautiful, brave, tenacious, passionate heart. She has cheered me on, cried with me, climbed mountains with me, walked into “hurricane force” winds with me, suffered long and patiently...mostly: ) as I have been (and still am) learning how to love her, has fiercely and faithfully loved our children and continued to put her trust in the God of Hope through all the chapters of the “unfolding story” of us. 

I love you sweetheart. Happy Anniversary! And I’m really excited about all the Happy Anniversaries to come!

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Oct 10 2013

Thank YOU So Much for Giving To K-LOVE!

God is doing amazing things through this ministry. Thanks to YOU lives are being changed! We shared a story today that touched our hearts and brought us to tears. Jessica's life has been transformed from fear and loneliness to being joyful in God. Take a listen...