Nov 25 2015

Everything You Need For Thanksgiving: Food, Cooking, Travel, Guests, Leftovers and Black Friday Shopping!


Is Splurging Safe? 5 Reasons Why You Should Have No Regrets About That Pie


Turkey and Main Dishes



12 Thanksgiving Shortcuts No One Will Ever Suspect


How To Carve A Turkey, Step-By-Step


Thanksgiving 2015: 5 Apps To Make It A Great Turkey Day



These Are The Worst Traffic Choke Points To Avoid This Holiday Season


Tips and Hacks: Thanksgiving 2015 Travel Made Easy



Solutions to 99 Thanksgiving Problems You May Encounter


These 17 Hacks Can Save Thanksgiving



Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into A Pizza Casserole


Turkey Gumbo


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Jul 20 2010

Cell Phones On Planes

Cell Phones on Planes... Yes or NO???

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Jul 20 2010

Dr. Paul Meier discusses dreams and the movie "Inception"

Everyone is talking about the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, "Inception," which deals with dreams and the sub-conscious. Dr. Paul Meier discussed how God uses our dreams to speak to us and how dreams can reveal what we are thinking and feeling. Got any questions for Dr. Meier? Feel free to share them here. Also, you can learn more about Meier Clinics here:

 Listen to Dr. Meier discuss dreams below:

Segment 1

Segment 2

Jul 19 2010

Instant Energy Boosters

Needing a bit of extra energy today? Some instant energy boosters? Spend 15 minutes outside (even on a cloudy day!), end your shower with a burst of cold water or recharge your batteries with laughter! What energy booster works for you? Here's list of ideas from Real Simple Magazine: Share your ideas here!
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