Sep 23 2010

A new BABY!!!

Congrats to Francesca Battistelli and her husband Matt!  They had a BIG BOY almost 9 lbs.!!! Franny says they "are in love!"

Sep 23 2010

What toys do your kids want this Christmas?

Here's the list of toys that are predicted to be top sellers this Christmas:

Got any that you think should be on the list? Share your ideas here!

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Sep 22 2010

Biggest Loser Is An Eye opener!!

As I was watching Biggest Loser last night, I saw stories of abuse and discrimination toward people who were overweight!  The thing that struck me was it seems many people find discrimination toward those who are overweight to be ok!  Now perhaps I am little more sensative than most because I too have endured the same type of discrimination, but the show last night showed that someones's outward appearance isn't what makes them an beautiful person, it's what is on the inside!  My hope is that we all learn NOT TO JUDGE, at times, we all are guilty, but in Christ, there is no room for such behavior.

I found a quote of what True Beauty is all about!

"There is only one kind of beauty that can transcend time, and many women possess it. It is, of course, beauty of the spirit that lights the eyes and transforms even a plain woman into a beautiful one. Women with wit, charm, and warmth, who are interested in others and forget themselves, and who accept each stage of life gracefully, are the lasting beauties of this World--and the happiest."