Jan 18 2010

Are YOU Making A Difference???

Today is Make A Difference Monday! We are hoping that you''ll join us in making a difference for someone today. Maybe it's buying a cup of coffee for someone... or stopping to pray for someone...or helping out those who are in Haiti.

As you remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, and how much of a difference he made in his life, what a great time to look around and see how you might be able to make a difference for someone else.  Please take the time to share your story!!!

Jan 15 2010

A New You in 52! Christine's tips for week #2

Every week, Celebrity Nutritionist Christine Avanti has tips to help us get healthy and become a "New You in 52!"

Here are Christine's tips for this week:

 1) How to boost metabolism and burn fat with food.  Simply put-you must eat a “PC combo” (a lean protein with a healthful carb) for every meal.  This is how Christine personally lost 30 pounds of fat—and if she can do it you can do it!!


2) Why eat a PC combo?  What does this do? 

Answer: It stabilizes blood sugar and hormone levels so your body can start burning fat naturally. 

Says who?  Harvard Medical School researchers proved this in 1999!!  So start eating and stop starving!!


3) What is an example of a “PC Combo” meal?  Go to www.christineavanti.com for Christine’s infamous steak with and herb mashed potato recipe.  


Tune in next week, when Christine food swaps your favorite breakfast recipes. 



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Jan 15 2010

"God's judgement on Haiti" -Response

I am sure you have probably heard all the buzz about some of the comments being made regarding the earthquake in Haiti and how it was God doing this to judge Haiti for their voodoo and some so called ancient pact made with the devil. Many of your friends may have commented on these statements, and maybe you have wondered what to say, or how to respond.

Kelli and I had Pastor Lance Hahn on with us the other day and he addressed these statements.  We have had many requests for what he shared, so we are posting it here for you to listen to and share if you would like. 

Pastor Lance Hahn on the Haiti situation (AUDIO)

In regards to many of the comments that have been made; I believe that is a reminder that the world is watching us as believers.  We are called to be Christ's ambassadors, and to be the very instrument that He uses to show His love and mercy for others. 

I have been frustrated by this incident, but must admit that in my prayer time, God reminded that His grace must be extended to everyone, especially those who frustrate or anger us.  I must admit that I, too, have made statements that were less than kind, but this has helped me realize the power of our words, and how damaging they can be.  My hope is that God will help us all learn through this, and  make us aware that we have a high calling, may our words and actions show the world the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

Thank God that He forgives for the slips we make along the way, may our lives be lived to His Glory in all that we do and say!

In Christ's Love,


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Jul 29 2010

Who should replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

Lots of speculation is circulating about who will replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol this season. Some rumored names: Harry Connick, Jr., Chris Isaak, Bret Michaels, Justin Timberlake, Elton John and Jessica Simpson. Wow! Who do you think should replace Simon?

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Jul 29 2010

Ever had a "famous hairstyle?!"

Everywhere you look these days, it's Justin Bieber! In fact, the teen icon is so popular that his hairstyle is popping up on heads all over the country! From Dorothy Hamill to Jennifer Aniston, hairdressers have been imitating famous hairstyles for years. Fess up...what famous hairstyle have YOU asked for? Did you regret it?
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Jul 29 2010

Money saving tips for back to school shopping

Our guest today is Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert. She's got some great ideas for saving money on back to school shopping! Maybe you've got something that's worked for you? Share it here!
Get Ellie Kay's tips here: Back to School savings
If you missed any of Ellie Kay on air, listen below:
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