May 18 2011

God is faithful!

This week, we are asking for stories of God's faithfulness and we are blown away by Him! Check out the story we just heard from Kelli in Wadesville, IN:

"My husband was being deployed to Iraq. He was leaving a wife, 2 year old daughter and a brand new baby boy. I was sending off a husband that I knew if something were to happen to him in Iraq, he would not spend eternity with our Saviour. One weekend we attended a meeting for the deploying soldiers. They took the wives in a room and told us that with the type of missions our husbands would be going on, not all of them would make it back. My faith became real when we were arguing one afternoon. Things were very stressful before he left. He was leaving in 2 days and still had not asked God to be his Savior. We were fightinig and things blew up so I went to the front porch and prayed. I told God my husband is not ready to go until he accepts him as his Savior and instead of worrying, I am turning it over to him. I said amen, walked back into the house and my husband was on the phone. It was his commander calling to tell him his deployment had been delayed for six months. God had moved a huge mountain and moved it fast. During that six months my husband came to the Lord."


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May 16 2011

A new favorite of mine

Check out how the song "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns has caught my attention and also impacted listeners' lives.

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May 13 2011

Can you eat healthy on a budget?

Healthy on a budget, save time and money!!


By Nutritionist, Chef and Author of Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads, Christine Avanti


1) Lentils are around 99 Cents per pound and they are an excellent source of protein and low sugar carbohydrate.  Use them in salads, soups and even pastas!


2) Roast that chicken people!  It is far less expensive to purchase a whole chicken than to buy chicken breasts, thighs, legs and wings separately.  If you roast a chicken on a Sunday evening, you can use the leftover meat for sandwiches, soups, salads, pastas during your busy work week.  


3) Bananas are consistently the least expensive fruit to purchase.  Usually around 99 cents a pound.  Pack them in lunches; use them to make yogurt parfaits, smoothies, and even salads.  When they begin to turn brown, use them to make Christine’s healthy banana bread!!


4) Replace soda & juice with water and save, save, save!!


5) Replace packaged foods with fresh produce from your local farmers market.  Many growers offer specials on crops that have grown in abundance.  Example, this winter I purchased 2 pounds of oranges for a dollar!!



Nutrition Director and Executive Chef at Passages Malibu

Author of Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads (Rodale 2009)

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