Jul 25 2013

President Bush Shaves His Head for a Personal Cause

Former President George H. W. Bush shaves his head.

Kids, its okay to have less than your friends.

Parents, how to get a good night's sleep.

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Homeless man returns wallet filled with cash.

Sneaky credit card charges that cost big.

"Change my address" scams.

This middle school student makes perfect score on SATs.

Summer cold front blows out the heat.

Cheaper Smartphone plans.

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Aug 23 2013

Christmas Creep, Is It Too Early?

You may have seen it... it’s called the "Christmas Creep" - stores that are fully decked out for Christmas with about 4 months left before the holiday season. If it's not bad enough, I was at our local mall in July and there was a full on window display with Santa, candles, mistletoe, and it said "start your wish list now." I had to take a picture of it because I could not believe that was out.. in July!

When experts were consulted on this, they said retailers fear that if they don't start now, they are going to lose out to other stores for the Christmas season.

I am a Christmas fanatic by far, it's my favorite time of the year but can we wait to put the Christmas stuff in the stores until the pool toys have been stored away?

Jul 20 2013

Natalie Grant & Hillsong United Stopped By This Week!

Natalie Grant

If you missed our interview with her about her ministry Abolition International, we'll post the audio soon!


Hillsong United

We LOVED having the gang from Hillsong United...we'll post the interview here soon!


The truth about restaurant menu labels.

This woman heard noises in her head.

Better check out your washing machine.

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A new take on "new car smell"

Jul 18 2013

Hillsong United on the Show Today!

We loved hanging with Hillsong United!

If you missed it...audio will be posted soon!!!


What a crazy way to purpose?! We're surprised she said YES! :)

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She thought she was just going for an ordinary run!

This man forgoes his chance of walking for this little boy.

Detroit files for bankruptcy.

Made a mistake, this new invention will save the day!

Women, you now have an excuse to keep shopping! :)

A new take on "new car smell."