Feb 14 2013

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Last Minute Valentine's Meals

For those of you scrambling to put something together, here's some easy-peezy meals for tonight's menu!


Valentine's Around the World


Can Love Conquer All for this Couple?

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Women, Facebook and Jealousy . . .

Are women more jealous than men on Facebook? What do you think?


Keeping Romance Alive . . . after Kids!


A Mother's Love

What a beautiful story of love between a mother and her late son



Flash Proposal . . . and Wedding!

Would you be okay with your future fiance planning an impromptu wedding? WOW!




Feb 08 2013

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Robin Roberts' Return

We have watched Robin Robert's journey with cancer, and along the way she has continued to share her faith. We are so excited to see that she is returning to Good Morning America on February 20. How awesome is it to see everyone - even her "competitors" in the industry - welcome her back!


Dad Pays Daughter to Quit Facebook

Would you ever pay your child to quit Facebook? This dad did that exact thing:


Cat Takes 35 Minute Bath

Have you ever bathed your cat? In the washing machine?


Beiber Fever!

There are quite a few teenage girls that are excited about Justin Beiber being on SNL (even camping out in the blizzard!) - but we wanted to share his mom's amazing story of how a crisis pregnancy center helped changed her life and what she's doing to share: