Jun 13 2011

What Do You Believe???

I read this on Christine Caine's blog today... I think that it's a great reminder of how BIG our God is!!! I hope it encourages you ~ Scott

What Do You Believe?

Imagine how radically different our lives would be if we actually believed that Christ’s power is at work within us. Imagine the confidence we would walk in, the miracles we would see, and the lives that would be changed as a result of God not being limited by our past, our problems, our disappointments, our limitations, or our circumstances.

The truth is... There is no problem He cannot solve.

There is no question He cannot answer.

There is no disease He cannot heal.

There is no demon He cannot cast out.

There is no enemy He cannot defeat.

There is no difficulty He cannot overcome.

There is no bondage He cannot break.

There is no need He cannot meet.

There is no mountain He cannot move.

There is nothing my God cannot do…that’s true!