Feb 12 2013

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DIY Valentine Ideas

With Valentine's Day coming up, here are some easy DIY Valentine's ideas - you see any you would like to do this year?

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Chocolate Stamps...Who knew it was possible?


Waiter Donates to Charity



Typo Cost This Woman a Fortune

This should be a great lesson in always, always reading over anything you turn in...OUCH!


Cruise Horror

After just getting off a great week on a cruise ship - we can honestly say this would be our worst nightmare come true!



Why Listening to the State of the Union Matters



Love My Kids - Hate My Body

I (Kelli), would love to hear if you have struggled with this. I know us moms have to stick together!


Feb 11 2013

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Medal of Honor Given to Chris Romeshea

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Tornado's hit Mississippi and Alabama


Lauren Scruggs' Return

After a devastating accident where she lost her eye and her hand - Lauren is now returning back into the fashion world. Her faith in God has helped her in her journey back to good health.




Last Minute Valentine's Day Tips

Here are some last minute tips (especially for you guys!). What are you and your Valentine doing for this special day?



BMW Making a Kid's Car Come to Life

How would you like a car you drew and designed, actually built - in real life size? Wel,l this 4 year old's dream has come true!


Man Buys $92K Baseball Card For Sick Son


Melissa McCarthy Criticized

People are in outrage over the way Rex Reed, a movie critic, has severely attacked Melissa McCarthy's weight. What do you think?




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Feb 08 2013

Heard on Today's Show

Robin Roberts' Return

We have watched Robin Robert's journey with cancer, and along the way she has continued to share her faith. We are so excited to see that she is returning to Good Morning America on February 20. How awesome is it to see everyone - even her "competitors" in the industry - welcome her back!


Dad Pays Daughter to Quit Facebook

Would you ever pay your child to quit Facebook? This dad did that exact thing:


Cat Takes 35 Minute Bath

Have you ever bathed your cat? In the washing machine?


Beiber Fever!

There are quite a few teenage girls that are excited about Justin Beiber being on SNL (even camping out in the blizzard!) - but we wanted to share his mom's amazing story of how a crisis pregnancy center helped changed her life and what she's doing to share: