Sep 21 2010

Matthew West unveils his new music!

Matthew West is our guest today and we are SO excited! His new album "The Story of Your Life" comes out October 3rd and today we get to hear some new songs for the first time! Not only that, we'll call some KLOVE listeners to let them know that Matthew has written a song about their story!

Listen to Matthew on K-LOVE below:

Matthew West talks about his new CD and touring.

Matthew shares the story of Tanya Burns and the song Strong Enough.

Matthew, Scott & Kelli call Tanya Burns to tell her about the story of her life and the song "Strong Enough."

Matthew talks about sharing the stories of those who sent them to him.

Matthew talks about telling some jokes Scott told him on stage. Hosting the Dove Awards (if invited).

Matthew shares Ginny's story and the song he wrote based on it, "The Healing Has Begun."

Matthew West calls Ginny to share the song he wrote based on her story.

Matthew hears Ginny's reaction to her song based on her story.


Sep 21 2010

See You at the Pole Day!

Tomorrow is See You at the Pole Day! We would love to hear about your experience. Have you gotten involved in the past? What happened? Share your story here.

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Sep 21 2010

Dr. Meier on teen depression and suicide

Dr. Meier was our guest today talking about teen depression and suicide. What are the causes? Symptoms? Is there help and hope? Dr. Meier says "Yes!" There is hope! Learn more here:

Listen to Dr. Meier talk about teen depression here and here.