Dec 24 2009

Have Some Fun With Your Christmas Lights

Before you put your Christmas lights for the year... You may want to have some fun!!! Here is an idea!

Dec 17 2009

Help to Teach Your Kids Manners

If you have ever thought that good manners have sort of disappeared, you are not alone. I think that we all have wondered that at some point theses days. Teaching your kids good manners is not always easy, but I just heard that Chuck E. Cheese wants to help!!! I love this... They want to help you teach your kids good manners by offering them a little incentive, FREE TOKENS! Here is the Link, PLEASE check it out when you can!

Dec 16 2009

What Makes Christmas So Great!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love the fact that there are so many people open to hearing of Christ’s love.

There are so many things that make Christmas wonderful, like spending time with your family, the ample opportunity to love on others, and all the celebrating, Christmas parties at work, school, in the neighborhood, at church, in the community… they are everywhere!

For me, Christmas brings back such great memories.  I remember the road trips to grandma’s house, the cookies that my grandpa used to make, my favorite are those Russian Tea Cakes!  I remember the thrill of picking out our Christmas tree, and decorating it as mom played Christmas carols on the piano, or the Carpenter’s Christmas record, and of course I loved the presents.  I think half the fun was trying to figure out what we were getting, one thing that was never a surprise, new underwear! (thanks Mom)

I loved being in the church Christmas play every year, I got to be Joseph a lot, that was fun, I am just glad that I was never a cow!  I remember all the band and choir Christmas concerts, and the fun we had, and oh I remember when I was in high school, singing in the Madrigal singing group, I wasn’t thrilled about having to wear tights though!  Ewwwwwww! 

As an adult, I have a whole bunch of new reasons to love Christmas.  Christmas was the first time I kissed my wife.  It is a blast surprising our kids with gifts under the tree, there was that one year though where we found out they peeked… we weren’t happy!  Watching all of their Christmas plays and concerts, and being the dad who pointed out, “that’s my kid!”  I can only hope that our kids will have as fond of memories as I did growing up!

I have lost both my parents now, sadly, both of them passed during the Holidays, which makes it especially hard.  It makes me realize just how important it is to make the most of every moment that we are given.  I hope that you have an amazing Christmas this year, may the Peace ushered in by the birth of Jesus be with you and your family, and may you soak in every moment!


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Aug 17 2010

"Like Dandelion Dust" - K-LOVE Exclusive!

Check out the K-LOVE Exclusive clip of "Like Dandelion Dust," a movie that producers pray will raise awareness of the need for more families to adopt. The film hits theaters next month. Let us know what you think and ask your local theater to bring in the film! Learn more about the movie here:

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Aug 17 2010

Switchfoot Response to Police... A Lesson We Can All Learn From!

Recently Switchfoot had a run in with police in Tampa that made headlines around the country. It was apparently a big misunderstanding, but lead singer, Jon Foreman, says he has learned alot from the incident, and we can as well. Today Jon wrote an article that ran in the Huffington Post about what he learned.

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Aug 17 2010

Scott and Kelli Poll: Do you wear a watch? Yes or no?

According to a recent survey, students entering college this fall don't like to use e-mail (it's too slow!), don't often write in cursive (many claim they don't know how!) and rarely wear a watch! How our society has changed in the past 20 years! So, the Scott and Kelli poll question today: are watches obsolete? Do you wear a watch? Yes or no?

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