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Christmas surprises and Christmas-tree-eating goat "Son Surprises Parents on Christmas: Mortgage Paid Off   7 Ways To Boost Your Happiness   Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With ONE Letter   In Other News...  Nevada-Goa ..." Type: Post
What Makes Christmas..."Christmas" For You??? "For Me The Charlie Brown Christmas Special says "Christmas"... What is for you? A TV special... Somewhere you go... A Fave Cookie... Last minute Shopping???" Type: Post
Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus - What Christmas is All About! "What Christmas is all about... Holiday TV Show schedule" Type: Post
What Makes Christmas So Great! "Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love the fact that there are so many people open to hearing of Christ’s love. There are so many things that make Christmas wonderful, like spe ..." Type: Post
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Christmas Movies and Awesome Sweaters "Switchfoot will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno playing "Dark Horses" live tonight! 'Tis the season to watch classic holiday movies and jump to wild conclusions about what your favorite one reve ..." Type: Post
We want to see your most awesome Christmas sweater! "It's the first-ever Scott and Kelli Awesome Christmas Sweater Contest! Share a photo of you or someone you know rockin' the craziest sweater and you could win...BIG TIME! We have daily prizes for the ..." Type: Post!.aspx
It's Christmastime! "For most of us, today kicks off the official beginning of the Christmas season. You can't see me, but I'm smiling just writing that! I love Christmas! I love the music, the food, the chaos of shopping ..." Type: Post!-.aspx
Christmas Creep, Is It Too Early? "You may have seen it... it’s called the "Christmas Creep" - stores that are fully decked out for Christmas with about 4 months left before the holiday season. If it's not bad enough, I was at ou ..." Type: Post
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Christmas Matters For you "No Reindeer Needed: How To Ship Your Gifts On Time                        In Other News... Tom Gubitosi Plays "Santa" To More than 200 Long ..." Type: Post
Operation Christmas Child - A Shoe box Can Change a Life "Sometimes we think reaching out and loving others is really complicated or costs a lot, but the reality is sometimes the simplest act of kindness can change someone's life.  An Operation Christma ..." Type: Post
Fighting Slavery with the IJM Christmas Album "It Happened One Night" "International Justice Mission Christmas Album"It Happened One Night." FREE CCM  This Christmas, YOU have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those living in slavery by partnerin ..." Type: Post
Ways to appreciate Christmas! "A recent article gave some great suggestions for ways that we can appreciate Christmas in the midst of the business. Some suggestions: turn off the lights. light some candles and stop to breathe a bit ..." Type: Post!.aspx
What was your favorite Christmas gift ever? "What is it about Christmas that makes us feel like kids? Remember the excitement of Christmas Eve?! What was the best gift you ever got at Christmas? Why was it your favorite?" Type: Post
Phubbing, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and We Just Can't Let it Go! "See (or Smell) the Bacon-Scented Pillowcase of Your Dreams    Dancin' Dad's in Ugly Christmas Sweaters: You're Welcome   DIY 'Ugly' Christmas Sweaters from Pinterest    &nb ..." Type: Post!.aspx
What treat do you have to have at Christmas?! "It's the season of yummy foods! Experts say there are some foods that are worth the calories. We agree. For Scott, it's Reese's Christmas trees, for Kelli...eggnog. What about you? What treat do you H ..." Type: Post!.aspx
Outsourcing Christmas? "Feeling overwhelmed by all the tree buying/house decorating/present shopping/Christmas card writing? Believe it or not, you can "outsource" it! If money were no object, would you pay someone to do thi ..." Type: Post
Final Christmas Preperations "When you Make a Difference.. Watch how an act of kindess can spread amongst people. CBS News TSA Chorus (yes, you heard it right) sings holiday songs at LAX. LA Times   Don't beat yourself ..." Type: Post
Christmas with Kutless "Christmas photo with our special guests, Kutless. Audio coming soon! Criminal masterminds pocket dial 911, discuss robbery. The Daily Page Merriam-Webster names "pragmatic" word of 201 ..." Type: Post
Are you a last-minute Christmas gift shopper?! "I admit it. I'm last-minute queen. Once again, I find myself rushing around, stuck in long lines and traffic a few days before Christmas! Is it just me? Can I be the only procrastinator at Christmas? ..." Type: Post!.aspx
Merry Christmas "This is our edited Christmas photo. What do you think? Send us your Christmas photos on Facebook." Type: Post
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Christmas surprises and Christmas-tree-eating goat

Son Surprises Parents on Christmas: Mortgage Paid Off


7 Ways To Boost Your Happiness


Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With ONE Letter


In Other News...

 Nevada-Goats Help Eat Recycle Christmas Trees 

Jennifer Lawrence Visits Children's Hospital On Christmas Eve

LG's "Texting Appliances," Camera Fridge Coming to CES

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