Sep 18 2012

Stand Up 2 Cancer

Stand Up 2 Cancer: 5 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Cancer. Shine from YAHOO!

Cancer rates may be declining slowly, but deaths from certain types of cancer are still on the rise, and more than 1,500 people in the United States still die from it every day. Stand Up 2 Cancer is determined to accelerate and innovate cancer research, so that patients can have access to new treatments quickly, and scientists can find a cure. Their telethon tonight (8 p.m. ET, on and elsewhere) is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the fight against cancers of all kinds. 

"This broadcast has become a global call-to-action for all those touched by cancer," Gwyneth Paltrow, who is one of the telethon's executive producers, said in a statement. "Like so many people, I know what it's like to lose a family member to this disease, and I'm honored to stand up in my father's memory." 

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Sep 18 2012

Forgiveness with a Hug

Takunda Mavima, Drunk-Driving Teen, Is Forgiven By Victim's Family (PHOTOS). Huffington Post

This is the most powerful photo you will see all week.

The father of a car accident victim hugging the drunk-driving teen who caused the crash.


On May 20 this year, 18-year-old Takunda Mavima was driving home from a party after graduating from high school, when he lost control and crashed into an off-ramp near Wyoming, Mich., the New York Daily News reports.

Tim See, 17, and Krysta Howell, 15, who were in the car with Mavima, died in the accident that night.

At the time of the accident, Mavima had a 0.10 blood alcohol level, reported ABC News. At a courtroom sentencing this week, he tearfully addressed the families of the victims: "I’m so sorry that I took two bright, intelligent, wonderful people out of this world …. I wish … I’m so sorry."

He was sentenced to between 30 months and 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to all charges.

In a moving address to the court, both the sister and the father of victim Tim See spoke on behalf of Mavima, urging the judge to give him a light sentence.

"I am begging you to let Takunda make something of himself in the real world -- don't send him to prison and get hard and bitter, that boy has learned his lesson a thousand times over and he'll never make the same mistake again," Lauren See said in court.

See's father then hugged Mavima as he walked out of court after the sentencing.

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Sep 18 2012