May 01 2012

Live each day as if it is your last!

Baby Avery is a 6-month-old girl who was born with a disease that doctors said would make it impossible for her to live past age 2. Her parents created a "bucket list" blog for her, written in her voice...a list of things she hoped to do in her short life. Sadly, she passed away yesterday. Some of the things on her bucket list:

1. Wake up smiling.

2. Have a bad hair day.

3. Talk to Mommy & Daddy.

4. Eat a cupcake and a Blow Pop.

5. Play with Play-Dough.

If you (and your kids) have had the opportunity to do these things (and many more!), you have more than many people in the world. Avery challenges us, in her short life, to appreciate every moment and live each day as if it is our last.

If today were your last day...what would YOU do?

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Apr 30 2012

Unsung Advancement

Just saw an article with some "Improve your memory" tricks. Maaaan, I need this! What about you? What's the funniest "memory lapse" you've had? Tell us here or on Facebook!

11 Simple Memory Tricks. Shine from YAHOO!


New York's Freedom Tower Hits Milestone. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL


McDreamiest: Patrick Dempsey pulls teen from totaled car. USA TODAY

10 Best and Worst Frozen Foods. Shine from YAHOO!

Injured Hiker Survives 4 Days in Utah's Wilds With No Food. GMA YAHOO! NEWS

Titanic II Planned by Billionaire Palmer in Chinese Yard. Bloomberg

Prince William and Kate Middleton's "Low-Key" One-Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration. E! online


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Apr 27 2012

Unsung Survival

The Unsung Hero Winner was Eileen from Martinez, CA here is her Unsung Hero:

Sara Blue has always been there for me. She helped to save my life more than once. Helping me find freedom from addictions and guiding me back to Jesus. She helped me be the best mother I could be for my daughter Eden Grace when I was newly sober and a single mother. Now I have three years of meaningful recovery and just got married to the man of my dreams, who she introduced me to! Sara is my best friend and a strong sister in Christ and I owe my new life to her and that's why she is my Unsung Hero.

'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' Winner And Brain Tumor Survivor James Perri Donates Winnings. Huffington Post

A recent article had tips for becoming a "morning person." What?! If you are a morning person, this makes perfect sense. For those of us who are not? Ridiculous! What about you? Morning person or night person? Why? Tell me here or on our Facebook Page.

Great Tips for Becoming a Morning Person. Shine from YAHOO!

I actually have a coffee cup, that my family bought me, with this saying on it.


Guess who's coming to dinner? Navy family starts unique deployment ritual. U.S. NEWS


Look, ma, no hands! Cadillac's self-driving car. msnbc


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