Apr 06 2010

Praying for West Virginia Families!

The mining accident in West Virginia has been one of the toughest days in the state's history. Thanks for lifting them up in your prayers, and thanks for sharing your encouragement with them here. So that families are able to read your notes of encouragement.
Apr 05 2010

Your vote counts!

Heads up! We are going to debut a brand new, never-heard-on-KLOVE song from MercyMe this hour! We want to know what you think. In fact, the record company wants to know if you think the new song should be the next radio release. Cast your vote after you hear the song!

If you missed the song when we played it on the air, here's a clip of it:
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Sep 28 2010

Are you happier than you think?!

A recent article states that you may be happier than you think! Some signs that you are? You're not glued to the TV. You keep souvenirs on display. You make exercise a priority and you hang out with happy people. What do YOU think? What are the signs that you are happier than you think? What makes you happy when you're not feeling very happy? Share your tips here!

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Sep 28 2010

Lincoln Brewster is on the show today!

We are so excited today! Lincoln Brewster's new album, "Real Life" released today and he is our guest on the show! Got any comments for Lincoln? Perhaps a story of how one of his songs has spoken into your life? Share your comments and stories here!


 Listen to all or part of Lincoln's visit at our show highlights page: http://www.klove.com/music/podcastrss.aspx?i=17


Sep 28 2010

Dr. Paul Meier explains separation anxiety

Dr. Paul Meier of the Meier Clinics was our guest today and talked about separation anxiety...what causes it and how it can be cured. If you or your child is struggling with separation anxiety, there is help! Learn more here: http://www.meierclinics.com/xm_client/client_documents/Separation_Anxiety_-_Child__Teens_9-28-10_KLOV.pdf

Listen to Dr. Meier here and here