Feb 03 2011

Mandisa's amazing weight loss journey

Our guest today is Mandisa! We'll hear music from her new album and find out how much weight she's lost and how she's done it. Join us just after 2pm PST. Got anything to say to her? Feel free to share it here!

 Also, chime in on the poll: do you like to wear Snuggies or not? Mandisa is a fan, we are not. What do you think...Snuggie...yes or no?!

If you missed the interview or want to hear again what she had to say, click here:

Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3, Segment 4, Segment 5,

Segment 6, Segment 7, Segment 8, Segment 9

Feb 02 2011

Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant are on the show today!

We are really excited to have Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant on the show today! They'll be on the show just after 2pm PST (4pm CT). Got any comments or questions for Michael and Amy? Feel free to share them here!
The entire interview is posted on our Show Highlights page.





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Feb 01 2011

Dr. Meier answers a listener question about dreams

Dr. Paul Meier is here to answer your questions. Today, he answered a question about dreams...do they have meaning? Learn more here: http://www.meierclinics.com/. Feel free to ask your questions by emailing us at scottandkelli@klove.com.

 If you missed the special segment, or want to listen again, please click here.

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