Sep 10 2010

Healthy and Delicious Back to School Lunches

Healthy and Delicious Back to School Lunches


We asked Christine Avanti, what are some healthy alternatives to put in kids’ lunches?


Christine’s response-

It's important to feed children a healthy lunch that provides lasting energy for several hours after the meal so they are not experiencing energy crashes and hyperactivity.  Eating balanced meals helps kids stabilize blood sugar which helps keep them calm, happy and alert throughout the day.


2. How to disguise healthy lunches so that kids will eat them:

 Give food silly names- such as ANTS ON A LOG, TURKEY GOBBLE WRAP, VEGGIE CREAM CHEESE PINWHEELS.  Make a grilled cheese sandwich with reduced fat Swiss Cheese and slip in some fresh tomato between the cheese.

(For these recipes go to


3. What are healthy lunch options in the school cafeteria?

Grilled or baked chicken sandwich

Veggie Burger

PB&J Sandwich

Salads loaded with vegetables and olive oil and vinegar dressings based dressings.  Avoid creamy dressings or fried foods because they contain added sugars and transfats.


4. How many calories should kids aim to eat a day?

Avanti says, “steady growth during childhood necessitates a gradual increase in nutrition intake.  Children accumulate storage of nutrients before adolescence so that when they have an adolescence growth spurt, their bodies can draw on nutrient stores accumulated in earlier years.  This is especially true when it comes to calcium.  Calcium intake promotes optimal bone density; the denser the bones in childhood, the better prepared they will be support teen growth and even more importantly they will be better prepared to withstand bone loss later in life.  Thus, the foods children eat influence their nutritional health throughout their entire lives.” 

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) during childhood:

1300 cals/day (1-3 yrs)

1800 cals/day (2-6 yrs)

2000 cals/day (7-10 yrs)



Listen to Christine here: Segment 1 & Segment 2

Sep 09 2010

Is there a cure for morning sickness?!

A recent study has revealed that there is no sure-fire cure for morning sickness. Well, if you've been pregnant, this is no news flash! However, there may be a remedy that worked for you. If so, share it here!
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Sep 09 2010

You can pay cash for your car!

Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert has learned from experience that there is a way to never go into debt when purchasing a car. In fact, she walked us through the steps we need to take to pay cash for our next car! Learn more here:

Listen to Ellie Kay talk about paying cash for cars below:

Ellie Kay talks with Kelli about how to pay cash for a car instead of going into debt.

Ellie Kay explains how to negotiate the price of a car.



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