Jun 30 2014
Apr 25 2014

Praying for CURE

You may have heard the shocking news about the Americans that were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, sadly that attack took place at the CURE Hospital in Kabul that we served at a couple years ago. K-LOVE listeners helped to change a little boy's life by providing for his surgery to repair his severely cleft lip and palate. One of the doctors we worked with was Jerry Umanos, one of the victims in yesterday's attack. Jerry was a K-LOVE listener from Chicago, who spent his life caring for children and for the last several years, he served at the CURE hospital in Kabul. Jerry and his wife loved the Afghan people and in response to the attack, his wife, responded with such kindness and forgiveness, even for the shooter. Her response echoed the love of Christ in the midst of one of life's most difficult moments.

On ABC World News last night, Diane Sawyer used video that we shot while serving alongside Jerry in Afghanistan, the K-LOVE family made that possible. What's amazing is that Jerry always worked so hard to spread the word about CURE's work around the World, ironically enough, it's in Jerry's death, that World is learning about the live saving work of CURE around the World.

Like everyone else who listens to K-LOVE, we, as DJ's, are on the receiving end of what God does through the music on K-LOVE. Yesterday was a beautiful reminder to me personally of how God uses the right song at the right time! Yesterday driving in, heavy hearted about Jerry's death, God spoke to me so clearly about his love, through the music of Crowder and Kristian Stanfill. I was reminded that God's love never fails, never gives up and carries us through life's storms. Those reminders carried me through a very tough day yesterday, and I am forever grateful for those of you who give and make the ministry of K-LOVE possible!

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Mar 25 2014