Oct 28 2011

Artist Interview

Special guest today is Chris Tomlin.

New baby


"How Great Is Our God" (World Edition)

New Album

Full interview here.


How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection  

Thrilled to announce the upcoming release of How Great Is Our God...The Essential Collection on November 15th. It will include a collection of music from the past decade, including a new recording of the song, How Great Is Our God, that you won't want to miss! Can't wait for you to hear it.

Switchfoot Contest Winner

New Americans sworn in on Lady Liberty's 125th birthday. msnbc.com


Live from the Golden Torch 

Lady Liberty Enlightening the World Wide Web

How the Buck Family Became a Part of World Series Game 6 Folklore. TIME


5 Simple Things That Could Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk. Huffington Post

Redbox Prices To Increase As Parent Company Coinstar's Earnings Nearly Double. Huffington Post



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Oct 26 2011

You are not lost in a Sea of Faces

Scott Smith Reads Titus by K-LOVE Radio

As the countdown clock to the date keeps ticking, and people keep buzzing about the number, many are trying to figure out the real importance of hitting that marker. The buzz behind 7 billion people: A milestone and a warning CNN.com. So grateful that we are not lost in a sea of faces...that we matter to God!


Merry Christmas to me, only $55,000. The Lithium-powered Tron Light-cycle YAHOO! NEWS

11 Table Manners That Still Matter Shine from YAHOO!

4 Secrets to Never Getting Sick Shine from YAHOO!

Doll saves family from fire. msnbc.com

Mysterious giant Lego man washes up on Florida beach. NEW YORK POST

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Oct 24 2011

Connecting, Concerning and Odd

A fiance's love saved 25-year-old teacher Gul Karacoban from being left to die under the rubble of a restaurant she was eating at when a deadly earthquake struck eastern Turkey. Fiancé saves woman from beneath quake's rubble TODAY.com

Members of the Gospel Presbyterian Church in Schaumburg, Ill., were heading to their vehicles after services on Sunday afternoon when members of one family discovered a green canvas bag on the hood of their car, the Schaumburg Police Department said. Newborn found in shopping bag in church parking lot TODAY.com

I’ve whipped up a quick handy-dandy guide to figuring out what men are like based on their footwear. It’s not scientific and it’s definitely tongue in cheek. What You Can Learn About a Guy by his Show Shine from YAHOO!

Crews reportedly put tape around the edge of the windscreen on the pilot's window before the plane left from Stansted airport in England to Riga, Latvia. Ryanair Reportedly Uses Tape to Seal Plane Window FOX News

Two identical twins in Indiana now have another birthday in common: They delivered babies on the same day at the same hospital. Indiana sister who are identical twins give birth on same day, at same hospital Washington Post

Hacker develops rear window LED to send messages to other drivers YAHOO! NEWS

Millions of bees escape semi in Utah accident CBS News

John Lennon's tooth up for auction CNN.com

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