Apr 08 2010

Welcome Francesca Battistelli!

We are excited to have Francesca Battistelli on the show today! She's part of the Rock and Worship Roadshow, which is in Southern California tonight. Any comments for Frannie? Feel free to share them here! Here's a link for the Rock and Worship Roadshow!

Click the links below to hear the interview with Francesca

Francesca talks about touring on the Rock & Worship Road Show

Francesca talks about April fools day on the tour

Francesca talks Broadway

Frannie shares how she was in a show choir with Mandy Moore

Frannie talks about writing a song for her husband

Frannie talks about being a newlywed

Frannie shares about when she started writing songs

Frannie talks about her song “Beautiful, Beautiful”

Apr 02 2010

MercyMe and David Crowder Band are on the show!

We are excited to welcome MercyMe and David Crowder Band to our show today! Anything you wanna say to the guys?

Click below to listen to the interviews with MercyMe and David Crowder:

MercyMe talk about touring, travelling and being away from their families

MercyMe shares traditions they have for Good Friday and Easter

MercyMe talks about the Rock & Worship Road Show

MercyMe talks about their new CD “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” available May 4

David Crowder shares how MercyMe invades his personal space

David shares about running into Richard Simmons at the airport

David talks about meeting Eddie Vedder and Jerry Jones