Aug 27 2010

The Afters are on K-LOVE!

The Afters' leadsinger Joshua Havens and guitarist Matt Fuqua stopped by the K-LOVE Studio. Leave a comment for them!



Listen to The Afters on K-LOVE:

Part 1 ~ The Afters talk about how they met and worked at Starbucks together.

Part 2 ~ The Afters discuss their new song, Line Up The Sky and about the difficult year they've had with losing their manager.

Part 3 ~ The Afters discuss how they are spending more time at home and how God has blessed them by doing so.

Part 4 ~ The Afters talk about partnering up with Randy Jackson.

Aug 19 2010

Matthew West joins us on the show today!

We are so excited that our good friend, Matthew West is our guest on the show today! You know him for his songs, "More," "The Motions," "You are Everything" and "Save a Place for Me," but he's been busy writing and recording some brand new songs that we can't wait to share with you! Anything you want to say to Matthew today? Perhaps God has used a specific song (maybe his new one, "My Own Little World"?) to speak to you. Tell us about it!



Listen to Matthew West on with Scott & Kelli:

Part 1 ~ Matthew West talks about his experience writing songs for his new album at his cabin in Tennessee.

Part 2 ~ Matthew West's experience with a cabin mouse

Part 3 ~ The explanation of the song "My Own Little World"

Part 4 ~ Matthew West talks about the stories on his new album, The Story of Your Life.

Part 5 ~ Matthew West's story of a broken girl that influenced his new album

Part 6 ~ The story behind Matthew West's Two Houses and his live performance of the song.

Part 7 ~ Matthew West "One Less"


Aug 12 2010

Our guests are the folks from the Hillsong Live Tour!

We are honored to have Hillsong Live with us on the show today! They've written the worship songs you've been singing in church, songs like Mighty to Save, Lead Me to the Cross, Hosanna and Shout to the Lord. What would you like to say to them today? Feel free to share it here!


Listen to the interview HERE