Jul 22 2010

Bebo Norman is on the show!

Bebo Norman will be on the show today! Anything you want to say to Bebo? Feel free to share it here!

If you missed the interview you can listen to it HERE.

Jun 24 2010

Jeremy Camp is our guest today!

Jeremy Camp is our special guest on the show today! What do you want to say to Jeremy? Feel free to share it here!

Click below to listen to the interview with Jeremy:

Jeremy Camp - part 1

Jeremy Camp - part 2

Jeremy Camp - part 3

Jeremy Camp - part 4

May 26 2010

FFH is our guest today!

A huge welcome to FFH, our guests today! Their song "One Of These Days" has been a favorite on KLOVE for years, yet Jeromy and Jennifer seem to have disappeared from Christian music recently! Where were they? Listen and find out what God has been doing in their lives! Any comments for them? Share them here! You can find out more on their website ffh.net.

Jeromy has been sharing on our show today about his struggle with MS. Today is World MS Day and you can find out how you can get involved here: http://www.worldmsday.org/home


Click the links to listen to the interview with FFH

Jeromy and Jennifer of FFH visit Scott & Kelli and talk about what's been going on. Also they sing "One Of These Days" live!

Jeromy and Jennifer talk about Africa and their sabattical from FFH.

Jeromy talks about being diagnosed with MS and how they got some amazing news right before leaving for Africa.

Jennifer & Jeromy talk about what it means to lament in worship and about thier kids.