Mar 01 2011

Dr. Meier is asked about dealing with fear

Dr. Paul Meier of the Meier Clinics was our guest today and answered a listener's question about how to deal with the fear she feels when watching the news of natural disasters and bad things that are happening in the world. Read what he had to say here: Also, if you've got a question for Dr. Meier, feel free to email us at

Listen to our talk with Dr. Meier here.


Feb 01 2011

Dr. Meier answers a listener question about dreams

Dr. Paul Meier is here to answer your questions. Today, he answered a question about they have meaning? Learn more here: Feel free to ask your questions by emailing us at

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Jan 25 2011

Dr. Meier on getting help for depression

Our guest, Dr. Paul Meier of The Meier Clinics addressed the battle with depression and how to get help on the show today. Got questions for Dr. Meier? Feel free to email us at or visit

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