Aug 12 2013

A 6-Year Old Cancer Survivor's Birthday Wish

A 6-year old little girl's birthday wish.


The heavy truth about your purse.

Good Samaritan comes to the rescue in Colorado.

Social Media apps parents need to know about.

Don't make these back to school shopping mistakes.

The Afters and MercyMe unable to perform due to stage collapse.

Clutter is good for some.

Are you smarter than a 1912 8th grader?

Oklahoma parents fighting for storm shelters.

Little boy finds treasure at the beach.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Another sinkhole in Florida!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

iPhone announcement coming September 10.

Little girl leaves sweet note for her big sister.

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Aug 08 2013

Thieves return stolen items & more!

Thieves return their bounty after they realize they stole from a charity.

Need some help with your back to school shopping list? Here you go.

The famed "Love Boat" is taking its final journey.

Save the pandas!

Praying for those in Southern California affected by the wildfires.

Have you ever found a shark on your train ride

Check out this inspirational story about a toddler from China!

Boost your brain power... with chocolate

The Spanish bull race is coming to America. 

So much cuteness. Tiger cubs!

Deadly floods hit Missouri.

Like coffee? If you brew your own java, here are some good tips!

More on the child abductions in California.

Eat a big breakfast, lose weight!

A new clothing line with a Christian message- launched by an ex-Victoria's Secret model!

Which side are you on? A crumb makes all the difference...

Apps for kiddos? Not so much.

Friends stay friends-- kids aren't a dealbreaker!

A kangaroo kept a 7-year-old safe. Incredible.

This 13-year-old quadruple amputee is devoting himself to a great cause.

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Aug 07 2013

From Tacos To Shark Bites

Boy Makes A Big Sacrifice For His Dog


In light of President Bush's surgery, Healthy Heart foods 


Save on Back To School Shopping With Gift Cards 


Christian Daredevil Escapes Coffin At 14,000 Feet…Why


Lone AZ Hotshot Firefighter Says "Why Me?" 


Soda Is Declared Public Health Enemy #1 


Talk About Being In The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time. Man Hit By Lightening, NOW Bit By A Shark 


Bikers Help Boy with Cancer 


 "Sliders" Sneaking Purses Out Of Cars Across Houston


What You Should Know About Dining Out - Directly From The Source


Family Kicked Off Of Airplane Because Of Crying


A Wedding Ring Is Found On A Beach-Combing Treasure Hunt 


Paulo Spends 45 Years In A Hospital, Still Holding On


A 22-Year-Old Man With Autism Gets To Meet His Idol 


Finally! Hors D'oeurves That Wont Break Your Diet 


Taco Bell Debuts A New Fried Waffle Taco 


Lucille Ball's I Love Lucy Dress Sells In Auction 


Check Out Some Of The BEST Attractions in America - For Free! 

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Make A Difference
Jan 18 2010

Are YOU Making A Difference???

Today is Make A Difference Monday! We are hoping that you''ll join us in making a difference for someone today. Maybe it's buying a cup of coffee for someone... or stopping to pray for someone...or helping out those who are in Haiti.

As you remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, and how much of a difference he made in his life, what a great time to look around and see how you might be able to make a difference for someone else.  Please take the time to share your story!!!

Jan 11 2010

It's Make A Difference Monday!!!

I heard a story about a man who felt God leading him to pay a toll for a man behind he did. It made the man's day, in fact, he went home and for the first time in a long time, told his son that he loved him. What he didn't know was that his son was planning to take his life that night. Thank God he never did, and their relationship was restored. The man who paid the toll had no dreaming idea what his gesture would do... or how it would change the course of this boy's life and this families future. The little things that you do, don't mean a lot...They Mean EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for finding a way to Make A Difference! Thanks for sharing what you've done or what someone has done for you!!!

Jan 04 2010

Josh Wilson is Making A Difference!

The Newark airport was shut down for hours due to a security breach... Josh was on his way out of the country and had his guitar, so he decided to entertain everyone... check out the video!