Apr 20 2010

Keep praying for pledge drive!

We are so grateful to everyone who has gotten involved in supporting KLOVE during our pledge drive. Wow! You are awesome! We are still quite a ways from 100% and only a few days from the end of pledge drive. It's all over Thursday night at 7 PST. Thank you so much for praying that God will continue to move on hearts and provide all that we need! We believe that God can work miracles! In fact, I've been reading the story of David and Goliath this week and I love that everyone thought David was crazy to take on this challenge. David's response? "The battle belongs to God!" So true! We have peace and joy in life when we remember that "the battle belongs to God." Hang on to that promise today with the challenges you face! We love you!

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Apr 12 2010

Fee was on with Scott and Kelli!

Our special guests today? Fee! Their music, including "All Because of Jesus" and "Everything Falls" has impacted us all! Anything you want to say to the guys?



Listen to the interview with Fee at the links below:

Fee talks about their song "Everything Falls" from their CD Hope Rising

Fee talks about the theme of their CD Hope Rising

The guys from Fee talk about songs they've written

Fee talks about touring with the Rock & Worship Road Show




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Apr 12 2010

It's Make a Difference Monday!

Happy Make a Difference Monday! Every Monday, KLOVE listeners all over the country are reaching out, often in simple ways, to make a difference! We would love to hear what you've done to make a difference! Has someone done something for you? Tell us about it!

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Jul 02 2010

Healthier Cupcakes For Your 4th of July

Eating junk food has a price.  Here are some typical junk foods and the amount of exercise required to burn them off.

Christine’s Freedom Cupcakes  217 calories, 10 grams fat

1 hour walking the dog

Sprinkles Cupcake 475 calories, 24 grams fat

1 hour of climbing steep stairs

Snack size bag of Doritos 250 calories, 13 grams fat

1.25 hours yoga

A restaurant serving of tortilla chips and guacamole: 833 calories, 50 grams fat

2.25 hours of aerobics

Ice cream sundae, small: 279 calories, 7 grams fat

2 hours milking a cow

 For Christine’s cupcake recipe click HERE

Listen to Christine below:

Christine talks about healthy alternatives for favorite holiday foods

Christine talks CUPCAKES!

Apr 09 2010

Did you splurge on Easter eating?!

You splurged on Easter?  Do this to get back on track….

1) Eat regular meals-starving yourself will only lead to bingeing.  Sadly, most people feel the need to punish themselves with starvation after a holiday because they feel guilty for overeating.  Unfortunately this will only slow down metabolic rate.  Don’t walk in guilt, instead walk in victory and nourish your body with healthful food.  

2) Munch on cucumbers and celery.  These vegetables are natural diuretics and they help rebalance the body’s electrolytes.  They are also low in sugar so they won’t spike insulin levels.

3) Drink peppermint tea (hot or cold), it helps banish bloating and gas.  Tea is also packed with powerful antioxidants (EGCG) that help boost metabolism.   

Weekend spring time healthy snack the entire family will enjoy:

Santorini Lemon Feta Dip with Kalamata Cucumber Relish with Pita Chips

At only 126 calories, it’s the perfect weekend snack!  It’s also great with a iced peppermint tea.  Get the recipe here!


Christine shares what to do to get back on track after Easter

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Feb 05 2010

Healthy Superbowl snacks? Really?!

Healthier Super Bowl


Christine’s Guiltless Nachos, click here for the recipe.  www.christineavanti.com


Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite food events of the year.   However, most of the snacks football fans enjoy are loaded with unhealthy fats that come from mayonnaise, cream cheese and sour cream.  Sadly, these fats stick to our blood vessels and clog our arteries which can lead to heart disease.


Here are some simple food swaps that will reduce the “bad” fat (saturated fat) content of your favorite super bowl recipe:


Salsa instead of cream based dip.

Guacamole (good fat) instead of queso dip.

Sub sandwich instead of pizza.

Baked or Popped chips instead of fried chips. (Popchips are yummy.)

Fruit platter instead of a cheese platter.

Air-popped popcorn instead of nuts. (Nuts are a "good" fat but very high in calories.)

Use non fat plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream for making dip.


Swaps for recipes that call for mayo, cream cheese, sour cream and cheddar cheese.


Light Mayonnaise 3.5 grams fat

Instead of

Mayonnaise 10 grams fat

Serving size: 1 Tbsp.


Light Cream Cheese 4.5 gm fat

Non-fat Cream Cheese 0 gm fat

Instead of

Cream Cheese  9 gm fat

Serving size: 1 ounce


Light Sour Cream 2.5 gm fat

Non-fat sour cream 0 gm fat

Instead of

Sour cream 5 gm fat

Serving size: 2 tablespoons


Light Cheddar Cheese 4.5 gm fat

Non-fat cheddar cheese 0 gm fat

Instead of

Cheddar Cheese 9 gm fat

Serving size: 1 ounce



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