Jan 07 2010

The New You in 52 Weigh in #1 is tomorrow!!!

Well tomorrow I am weighing in for the New YOU in 52 challenge. Our hope is that you can achieve your goals to get healthier this year and we have some great expert guests to help you. Including nutritionist Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads. And celebrity trainer Tony Horton, the creator of P 90X and the 10 Minute Trainer. If you have any questions, or a recipe for one of your favorite meals that Christine can help you make healthier.... Let us know!!!

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Jan 06 2010

A NEW you in 52???

Well if you have made resolutions to lose some weight and get into better shape... Kelli and I are to help you.  We have started a New You In 52!  We will have experts on every Friday to help you shape up through out the year!  Typically most of us stick with our resolutions for only 18 days! We are hoping to change that.  By joining together, holding each other accountable and lifting one another up in prayer...  It Can Happen!!!  So fell free to share your story, and know that we will be here to help encourage you and give you the tools to help shape a New You in 52!!!