May 20 2013

Make a Difference Tour was AWESOME!!!

"Make a Difference Tour" in Pittsburgh was AWESOME!!!

Pittsburgh K-LOVE Listener beautifully describes the Make a Difference Tour.


Pittsburgh's Gulf Tower lights up red!

Bill Wareham is also a K-LOVE listener and he generously gave us tickets to the Pittsburgh Penguins playoff game - what a fun night!!! Thank you, Bill!!!

Pittsburgh wore us out!!! :)

Grab a tissue! Leonard Knight returns to Salvation Mountain


Students work with local church and community to help people in need.

World War II 1943 graduates go to prom - 70 years later!

Pray for Oklahoma: More storms coming even after deadly tornadoes!

Tornadoes force news anchors to evacuate in Kansas.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Fatal weekend in Chicago.

Star Trek boldly goes big at box office!

You too can own "Hero Pants" - for only $100K.

48 hour Ferris wheel ride breaks Guinness record.

Colgate planning caffeinated toothbrush?!


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May 18 2013

Thank you Pittsburgh for helping us "Make a Difference!!!"

Thank you Pittsburgh, Matt Cooke, Chris August, Craig Wolfley, Aaron Shust and Tim Timmons for helping us MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Can't wait to come back and do it again!!!

May 17 2013

Chris August is in the 'Burgh with us!!

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Craig Wolfley, stopped by to "Make a Difference!"

Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins came by too!


Chris August joined us for the "Make a Difference Tour"

Loved serving at Center for Hope in Pittsburgh!

So grateful that Tim Timmons, Craig Wolfy and Chris August could join us today!

If you'd like to serve with us tomorrow morning - sign up-here!


Man finds $4.85 Million in a ...cookie jar?!

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