Mar 17 2010

Is Scott's shirt green or brown?!

Okay, the debate continues! On this St. Patrick's Day, does Scott deserve to be pinched? He says the shirt is green, Kelli says brown. What do YOU think?!

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3/9/2010 12:24:46 AM
Vadim Kotyash United States
Vadim Kotyash
Sorry, Kelli, But the shirt is Green
I have one that is the same color.
3/9/2010 12:28:57 AM
Karen United States
I'm really late posting's a St. Patty's Day joke.  "What's Irish and stays out all night??"   Patty O' Furniture!!!!!!!!!!
3/9/2010 12:29:31 AM
Micah United States
Sorry Scott. It's brown. To orchestra today I wore a butterfly pin with green rhinestones. Happy St. Patrick's day Scott and Kelli! BTW, my mom really wants to hear Be Thou My Vision.
3/9/2010 12:34:47 AM
Hannah Marie United States
Hannah Marie
its totally brown
3/9/2010 12:35:45 AM
Tristy United States
this i s a tough one. after staring at it for 5 minutes I say its green. Its a very dull green.
3/9/2010 12:37:18 AM
Torah United States
Its brownish-green! Its one of those colors that are both!So pinch him softly!Laughing!
3/9/2010 12:39:11 AM
Bob Faulkner United States
Bob Faulkner
sorry Scott I've gotta agree with Kelli it's brown man. thank's for K-love and all you do, you have been an inspiration to me over many years.
3/9/2010 12:39:20 AM
Joe New Zealand
Brown, Brown, Brown
3/9/2010 12:40:27 AM
Torah United States
I want to see your braclet!
3/9/2010 12:40:47 AM
Theresia Sellers United States
Theresia Sellers
Scott's shirt looks like an olive green to me.
3/9/2010 12:40:51 AM
Tanya United States
Sorry Scott, can't see your bracelet, but your shirt is definately brown!  Smile

BTW thanks for the education on St. Patricks it!  especially the clover symbol!  I didn't know!

You guys are awesome!  Happy St. Patricks Day!
3/9/2010 12:42:10 AM
Melissa McCann United States
Melissa McCann
Olive green....but heard that he's in the clear with the green on the bracelets anyway!  Smile
3/9/2010 12:43:26 AM
REAGON United States
I just want to say that I always heard my friend talk about K-Love but never really care to find out what K-Love was about or even listen to it.  Today I would like to say that on many ocassions the spiritual blessings that I receive from the inspiring music has brought me to tears many mornings as I am driving.  I feel resurrected from the trials of life and cleansed each day. Thank you for radio stations like these because music is another way for people to be inspired as well as the words of wisdom that come from you guys.  Thanks and keep up the good work.
3/9/2010 12:45:31 AM
katie v. United States
katie v.
brown. totally.
3/9/2010 12:46:48 AM
Shannon United States
Hey Guys, First thanks for what you two do everyday on the air!!! However Scott, Your shirt is.... Brown : ( so sorry, BUT Kelli, let me ask... What would Jesus do here? I believe he would buy Scott a green shirt and give it to him at work tomorrow. Just a thought.
God Bless,
Shannon from N.J.
P.S. Please pray for my family. We are going through the hardest thing ever right now. I think Satan is trying to break all of the strong Christian families/churches down because he knows Christ is coming soon, But please lift my family up in prayer!!!
Thanks you for the bottom of my heart!!!
3/9/2010 12:46:49 AM
Ed United States
Where the shirt is concerned, there is no question. Olive Drab is a shade of green no matter what the camera or laundry detergent or individual monitors do to change how it looks. But, I have a different question. Are you Roman Catholic? In some parts of Ireland the Pretestants were orange instead of green. Hmmm...

God bless!

3/9/2010 12:46:59 AM
katie v. United States
katie v.
brown. totally.
3/9/2010 12:47:15 AM
katie v. United States
katie v.
brown. totally.
3/9/2010 12:49:03 AM
Abby Rogers United States
Abby Rogers
The shirt looks brown to me! He should get pinched! =)
3/9/2010 12:52:05 AM
Ed United States
3/9/2010 12:55:47 AM
Austin United States
PINCH!!! That is BROWN!!! Smile
3/9/2010 12:58:32 AM
Rhonda Snyder United States
Rhonda Snyder
funny thing... My husband's name is Scott and he is also wearing a brown shirt that he thought was green.  He admits to being color blind so I guess I will forgive him!
3/9/2010 12:59:59 AM
Faith United States
Brown!!!! My room walls are almost the same color of Kellis shirt and I have a desk almost the same color of scotts shirt! They are lime green and brown!!! Yes he needs to be pinched!!! Lol
3/9/2010 1:05:23 AM
kira farmer United States
kira farmer
Hey there its me kira and to me scotts shirt looks brown but thats just my oppinion sorry scott but you should get a big ol pinch o and next time try to make sure that even people color blind can see tha its green no affenice hehe. o and if either of you get a chance check out my website my dad made for me a checkme out at, when you fist get there you`ll see a sheltie her name is lassie then go to the top and click on farmer bunch then click on pets
3/9/2010 1:07:42 AM
Hosanna United States
It's green! Sorry Kelli but I think his shirt is green! My dad wouldn't let me go on facebook so I had to comment on here! By the way k-love rocks!
Age 10
3/9/2010 1:07:46 AM
Larrysa United States
Sorry Scott, but your shirt looks brown to me
3/9/2010 1:09:45 AM
Don Kerr United States
Don Kerr
us men must stick together on this one;sorry kelli his shirt is green to me.
3/9/2010 1:21:33 AM
Bonnie Edra United States
Bonnie Edra
Sorry Kelli, Scott's shirt looks green to me LOL.
I really enjoy listening to you folks while driving home from work. Thank you and God Bless!!  
3/9/2010 6:50:31 AM
Sharon United States
His shirt is brown. Love your station. Thanks for all the music you play. I love it.
3/9/2010 6:57:07 AM
Joe United States
I think it is a dark green. Depending on the lighting i may look brown or some other color. Sorry Kelli.
3/9/2010 7:04:35 AM
christa United States
Sorry Scott. It's brown....i am with kelli.
3/9/2010 7:08:32 AM
Greg Sandbach United States
Greg Sandbach
I think it would come down to one of two things:

1)  Did he intend to wear the shirt, thinking it was green and knowing it was St. Patty's Day?  In which case I'd say he's off the hook regardless of the actual color of the shirt.  


2)  Did he get to work and then realize it was St. Patty's Day, look down and think, "Well, this is kinda green.", which would deserve the pinch!
3/9/2010 7:14:41 AM
rebeca United States
its a really dark green.
3/9/2010 7:34:42 AM
Tracey United States
being color blinde to certain looks brown to me, so... the shirt must be green.
Kelli.. I love your method in choosing your bracket winners..but once again I'm with Scott..I was born a University of Kentucky Wildcats fan...Go Scott! and Go Big Blue!!!I love all of you at K-love!!
3/9/2010 8:00:48 AM
Carina United States
Well in the picture it looks like a faded brown...but mabey in a different lighting it would be a sort of olive green? Well, I guess you could just pinch him softly Smile
3/9/2010 8:08:16 AM
Emily United States
That shirt is soooo brown! Sorry Scott but Kelli is right. Just next year wear all green and you will not get pinched! Smile

Age 11
3/9/2010 8:08:44 AM
Tammy United States
I agree with Scott it is an olive green, sorry Kelli. Smile God Bless you all.
3/9/2010 8:18:15 AM
Chelsea United States
It is a very dull green
3/9/2010 8:23:49 AM
Lisa United States
GREEN!  (But my husband would tell you it's brown.  He is color blind).
3/9/2010 8:34:37 AM
Jeff United States
Looks green to me. No pinches for Scott!!!
3/9/2010 8:37:52 AM
Aimee United States
brown! Smile pinch him!
3/9/2010 8:40:40 AM
Nic United States
I wore a brown shirt today and my wife wore green!  I feel your pain Scott.  On further note, I own a pair of BROWN shorts that my wife considers green (she says brownish greenish) I say they are straight up brown.  The debate continues (3 years later!)  Love your show!
3/9/2010 8:53:55 AM
Rev Joe United States
Rev Joe
If it is green, than it's barely there.
3/9/2010 9:14:28 AM
Elizabeth United States
Olive green! But pinch him anyways...
3/9/2010 9:14:42 AM
lena United States
It is definately GREEN!
3/9/2010 9:23:15 AM
Angela Yess United States
Angela Yess
It's brown...sorry
3/9/2010 9:44:48 AM
Patti United States
OOOOhh...It's a wonderful latte color with a splash of Irish mint!!!
3/9/2010 10:27:20 AM
Margarete United States
I'm thinking that it looks more like an olive or army shade of!!! But regardless I love you guys!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
3/9/2010 10:49:12 AM
Janelle United States
Heard the question on the air in to check it out.  Looks brown to me, would like a close up or light on it.  But will is probably dark green.

I didn't even think about the green when dressing for today.  However, did wear an aqua green.

Hope you had a great day.  The conversation was great for sure.  I just love K-love.

It's on all the time in my car.  Grandkids have always wanted 'their kind of music, that they're used to listening to.  However, was great a couple weeks ago when that conversation didn't come up.  Instead, I heard both of them singing with a song, at different times when I rode with them separately.  It is only when they're out of school that I'm with them.  So this was a great plus that they are listening and don't even know it.  I just pray for the message of love and God to be more in their lives daily.

Thanks again for bringing out the site in your show.  I do want to visit more often now.

Have a blessed day,
3/9/2010 11:11:32 PM
Alva Poole United States
Alva Poole
Drab green!  Either way, you two still make me laugh.  I really love your ministry in the evenings.  It just helps me go home smiling regardless of what happened at work.  Smile
3/9/2010 11:38:13 PM
Lacey United States
3/10/2010 12:01:55 AM
Erin United States
It is green sorry Kelly I still love you though!
3/10/2010 6:43:17 AM
Erin United States
It is green sorry Kelly I still love you though!
3/10/2010 8:00:26 AM
Marcia United States
BROWN BROWN !!!!!!!!!!!Smile
Sorry Scott Tong
3/10/2010 8:14:07 AM
Randa United States
sorry Kelly, it is green. My brother has a shirt just like it.
3/10/2010 9:20:33 AM
Patricia United States
Scott, I am sorry ,but I think it is brown.
I am not always right either.
You can't really tell by the picture. Tong
3/10/2010 9:37:13 AM
Kenny J. United States
Kenny J.
its looks green on scott's solo pic but beside kelli's green it looks brown. he's clear with bracelet so sorry kelli but you'll just have to wait till next year to pinch scott(or not). lol
3/10/2010 10:59:17 AM
Sheri United States
It's both!
3/10/2010 11:07:21 AM
Marcia United States
Brown or Green?

K-LOVE ROCKS!!!!!Laughing
3/10/2010 11:17:50 AM
Estella United States
I have to agree with scott....its actually olive green...sad to say my husband has one like it...but i still love to listen to you guys!Smile
3/10/2010 5:44:15 PM
JEN United States
3/10/2010 5:49:05 PM
Deb United States
Meant to look at this yesterday, but am listening to you now as I'm making dinner. I have to say, against the kelly green shirt, it does look brown. However, to be fair, I'd suggest putting it up against a true brown shirt. I betcha it'd look pretty green then! My son's principal had a suit on yesterday just that color...I told my son it was olive green - alas, still in the green family.
3/10/2010 5:54:47 PM
A-Boy United States
That shirt is totally brown!
3/10/2010 7:46:48 PM
rebecca United States
His shirt is a dark olive green. most definitely!

3/10/2010 9:40:04 PM
Teekey United States
uhhh i think it is definitely brown!! get the metal tacs!! pinch pinch pinch!! I pinched a guy today even though he said he had green boxers. i said i hope i never find out if he is right. pinch pinch pinch.


3/11/2010 4:00:06 AM
Victor United States
I have a shirt same color is olive like olive oil.

3/11/2010 7:52:33 AM
football shirts United Kingdom
football shirts
Wow, I never knew that Is Scott's shirt green or brown?!. That's pretty interesting...
3/11/2010 1:30:56 PM
Priscilla Cutler United States
Priscilla Cutler
I was listening March 18th concerning the shirt. What I would like to comment on is Scott's mentioning his braclet remining him to pray for Ecuador and that he had been in Ecuador recently. My husband and I were in Ecuador the ist week of February on an Operation Christmas Child distribution. It was the trip of a life time. To see the children and the parents faces when the boxes are given out is something I will never forget. We are the area coordinators for Southern Adinordack Region in New York So i to prat for Ecuador. Thank you for your staton and yor show every evening. Priscilla Cutler
3/11/2010 11:34:19 PM
Jasmine United States
I have to say...pinch him softly...
3/12/2010 1:24:42 AM
Evan Scott United States
Evan Scott
Sorry Dude, but its brown

3/12/2010 1:26:08 AM
Alice Maynard United States
Alice Maynard
As my 5 year old son would say...."It looks greenish brownish" ....pinch him anyway.
3/12/2010 11:35:53 AM
josh guilford United States
josh guilford
its brown, gatta be brown sorry scott.
3/13/2010 1:50:05 PM
Sam United States
3/17/2010 2:09:37 AM
Mia United States
well, that looks like a very dull olive mahogany mix. i'd say pinch him softly.
3/18/2010 6:35:09 AM
Leancy United States
um.... im so late but thats so not green. Smile
3/19/2010 12:22:50 PM
Krisha Hunt United States
Krisha Hunt
It's both... its a mixture of the two...
3/21/2010 2:21:04 AM
SharaAllen United States
Scotts shirt is Brown and Kelli's is green
3/25/2010 5:14:08 PM
Dawson United States
well, from what i have seen in my day (im a color coordanist) the shirt is green, because if you take out the darkish pigment in photoshop the shirt turns green, sorry people but "THE SHIRT IS GREEN"
3/25/2010 5:18:27 PM
The color is called 'olive GREEN'
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Jul 23 2012

Community Crisis Recovery Guide

Strategies to stabilize you and your kids after a tragedy

By Dwight Bain

A community crisis, (like a mass shooting or natural disaster), can destroy entire communities in just a few minutes, while the recovery process to rebuild from a major critical incident may take weeks or months to sort through. The more you know about how to survive and rebuild after the crisis, the faster you can take positive action to get your personal and professional life back on track. Since community crisis events like extreme acts of violence or terrorism are unpredictable it requires a different course of action from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and floods. What can you do right now to cope with the psychological impact of a major community crisis? 

Dealing directly with your emotions will reduce the tension and stress on you, which allows you to have more energy to deal with a difficult situation. However, if you stuff your fears and frustrations in a major community crisis, your emotions can quickly blow up without warning. Exploding in rage on your children, your coworkers or your marriage partner will only make a difficult situation worse. Community crisis events are a terrible situation full of loss and difficulty for everyone. By taking action now you can move beyond feeling overwhelmed by intense stress, anger or confusion. As you follow the insight from this recovery guide, you will be taking positive steps to rebuild with the focused energy of an even stronger life for you and your family after the emergency service workers pack up and go home because your community has recovered.

To best survive a major community crisis, you need a strong combination of three key elements

- healthy coping skills

- healthy supports and a

- healthy perspective

While things will never be the same as they were before the community crisis, (like a mass shooting); the following guidelines will give you the key elements needed to get past the overwhelming stress and to find even greater strength on the other side. 

- What are the dangerous warning signs of stress overload?

A major community crisis affects everyone however; it becomes dangerous to our health when the stress goes on for an extended period of time. Major stress can affect adults, children, the elderly and even pets, so it is important to be alert to watch for the danger signs of the psychological condition called, ‘Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder’, (commonly referred to as PTSD), in yourself, your family members and coworkers. These symptoms include any dramatic change in emotions, behavior, thought patterns or physical symptoms over the next few days, weeks or even months. Since community crisis events are a terribly stressful time for everyone and often remain stressful for days or weeks to come, there are a number of factors to be aware of to keep yourself and those who you care about safe.

Stress Warning Signs

These signs are indicators that the intense stress from the critical incident is beginning to overwhelm the individual. The longer the stress symptoms occur-the greater the severity of the traumatic event on the individual. This does not imply craziness or personal weakness; rather, it simply indicates that the stress levels from the storm were too powerful for the person to manage and their body is reacting to the abnormal situation of having survived a major trauma.

It’s normal to feel completely overwhelmed by a community crisis like a mass shooting or natural disaster; however there are danger signs to watch for in yourself or others that may indicate psychological trauma. Adults or children who display any of the following stress symptoms may need additional help dealing with the events of this crisis. It is strongly recommended that you seek the appropriate medical or psychological assistance if you see a lot of the physical, emotional, cognitive or behavioral symptoms listed below in you, your coworkers, or someone in your family or home, especially if these symptoms weren't present before the storm.

Physical Symptoms: 

Chills, thirst, fatigue, nausea, fainting, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, chest pain, headaches, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, muscle tremors, difficulty breathing, shock symptoms, and so on.

Emotional Symptoms: 

Fear, guilt, grief, panic, denial, anxiety, irritability, depression, apprehension, emotional shock, and feeling overwhelmed, loss of emotional control, and so on.

Cognitive Symptoms:

Confusion, nightmares, uncertainty, hyper-vigilance, suspiciousness, intrusive images, poor problem solving, poor abstract thinking, poor attention/memory and concentration, disorientation of time, places or people, difficulty identifying objects or people, heightened or lowered alertness, and so on. 

Behavioral Symptoms:

Withdrawal, antisocial acts, inability to rest, intensified pacing, erratic movements, changes in social activity, changes in speech patterns, loss of or increase of appetite, increased alcohol consumption, and so on.

If you are in doubt about these symptoms in your life, or someone you care about, it is wise to seek the care of a physician or certified mental health professional. Better to actively deal with the stressful emotions directly to help yourself and your loved ones to immediately cope with this crisis because these emotions tend to worsen and get more intense if left untreated. Remember that there are many experienced professionals who can help you and your children recover during a time of crisis. You do not have to go through this alone.

Take action now to prevent stress from continuing to overwhelm you or the people you care about. Call a trusted friend to talk through it, reach out to clergy, or call your family doctor or counselor. If you don't know someone to call about these emotional issues, you can reach out for assistance by calling telephone hotlines which are offered at no cost to you. These numbers are often posted by local media, hospitals, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army or FEMA. If you, or someone you care about are feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, guilt or grief it's important to make the call for assistance now to learn how to get past the pressure to begin to feel ‘okay’ again.

- How does a community crisis event affect kids? 

It depends on the age of the child. The younger the child, the more they look to their parents for emotional security and strength. If a Mom or Dad are “shell-shocked" or “numb” and not able to manage their own emotions or responsibilities; the child will feel that pressure and become very confused and further stressed. Remember, it's normal to be overwhelmed by a community crisis like a mass shooting. This is why it's so important to take care of yourself in order to take care of your children and those your care about through the long period of recovery and rebuilding after the storm.

Think about the advice given on commercial airliners to parents traveling with small children. “Should there be an unexpected cabin de-pressurization; oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Place the mask over your nose and mouth like this and then place the mask over the mouth and nose of those around you needing assistance.” Take care of your own emotional needs first, and then you will be in a stronger position to help those around you. If you feel overwhelmed in giving your children or others who may depend on you for support, please ask for help. It's okay to be tired, worn out and overly stressed. That's normal after a community crisis. However, it's not okay to ignore caring for the needs of those counting on you like children, the elderly or pets. Sometimes a parent may need to make adjustments at work or change their own schedules for a while by delegating some tasks in order to have time and energy to help their children avoid feeling more pressure from the difficult experience that surviving a major disaster brings. If you feel that your caregiver ‘tank’ is empty, let someone else help you for a while until you get your strength back. That's best for you and for those that you care about.

When you can focus and dedicate attention to understanding the needs of young children, notice what they are saying, drawing or doing to determine if they are still feeling overly stressed from the traumatic event.

School age kids need to talk, draw pictures or take positive action, (like having a lemonade stand to raise money for kids just like them who may have lost loved ones or family members because of the traumatic event), so if you give them something to do to help, they can take positive action and sort through their emotions immediately.

High school age kids may try to act "cool" about everything, but often are more scared about the changes, losses and confusion than any other group. They are older and may need to experience a bit more "reality" at times to loosen up their ability to talk about what is happening around them. If they are willing to talk to their siblings, other family members, clergy or counselors it often doesn’t take very long before they can grow strong enough to deal with their emotions and get back to feeling like themselves again.

The greatest danger sign to be alert and aware of is by noticing any dramatic changes in behavior. If a child was always happy go lucky before the crisis event and now sits all day to watch video footage of the shooting, or other world disasters on the news channels- then you may want to figure out why they made such a dramatic shift in personality. Watch for other major changes in sleep patterns, school patterns, school performance, peer relations and so on. If you see major changes that concern you, it's time to seek professional attention for the child with their pediatrician or with a child behavioral specialist

- What are some ways to help our kids talk about the crisis?

You can reach out to children in many ways to help them deal with this stressful time. Talking, writing, drawing, or writing poetry about the experience with the disaster will make the time pass more quickly, and may even lighten someone else's load of emotional pain and difficulty while helping you back through the process. Talking about any crisis event in life can help kids learn the basics of moving from the panic of basic survival to building strengths through problem solving.

- Are there any “hidden dangers” in media that parents should be concerned about that might make the crisis worse?

Too much media exposure is dangerous for kids. It is better to get a media "news update" once or perhaps at the most, twice a day to avoid the danger of media over-exposure. Leaving the news on all the time will depress the mood of the person who hears it; since deep down inside we learn to go "numb" to the normal emotions of the stressful event, to press on and burn reserve energy in the process. If your child didn't watch the morning news programs before the community crisis, be cautious about allowing them to watch TV news alone or having long blocks of unaccounted time with too much isolation. Best is to sort through media outlets-like television, Internet, radio or newspapers, which may contain content that is overly stressful or just too depressing for a child. Then set boundaries to protect them from additional stress in media stories, since it is important to protect their home and minds by managing the media around them.

It's wise to move from negatives to positives in highly charged and difficult situations like a mass shooting or wide spread community disaster. We have all seen enough negative images to last a lifetime and yet the media will often play scenes from a disaster over again and again. Also, parents and kids can sit down and discuss why they really need to have so many media and entertainment services available in their homes. Many families found that not having the Internet, cable television and loud music playing in their homes while staying in a shelter allowed them to reconnect as a family with much greater communication. By sitting down and discussing these issues your home can be a more positive place, by creating more positive energy to mange the stress of recovering from this crisis situation.

Since watching other people’s problems in other parts of the country will cause more stress in an already stressful situation it's better to focus on your responsibilities today, right here in your own community. When things in your life are strong again, you and your family won't be as affected by the images of crisis from other places. But that's another day, so for now as you recover, it’s better to focus on getting you and your kids though the day that you have been handed without making it harder because of the hidden stress of media overexposure.

Also, the same principles apply for the aged as for anyone else. Seniors often can spend a tremendous amount of time in front of negative media images which can be harmful to their well being. Better to get involved in helping others, praying for those affected or donating to help as you can than to become overwhelmed with the stressors of others by becoming desensitized from media over-exposure.

- How can I help my family get back to “normal” after a community disaster?

It may take weeks or months for people to feel that things are back to “normal.” The actual psychological impact of the storm will vary widely between people based on factors like- age, their previous experiences with crisis events and most significantly how much stress they already had in their life before the disaster. The more stress someone had in their life prior to the traumatic event, the longer it takes to recover.

Here are some immediate ways to bring order and calmness back into your life after the chaos and confusion that follows a natural disaster or community crisis like a mass shooting.

1) Reconnect in relationships -

You can't get through a crisis alone. Since we all were impacted differently, it is vitally important to talk about the stress and pressures you have experienced with the people closest to you. Reach out to friends and family as soon as possible, and call people you haven't heard from in a while. Just checking in to see if they are okay will only take a few minutes, but it will empower and help both of you. Simply talk about what each of you experienced through the crisis and how you got through it. Tremendous connection can occur through crisis, so this is an especially good time to reach out to friends or family who may have drifted away from your closest circle of relationships. Take action now to reach out to people with words of encouragement and support, but don't wait for someone else to call you- since their phone may not work! Go find them and then reconnect the relationship while helping each other rebuild.

2) Rebuild your routines-

This is one of the most important factors to quickly get life back on track because we all draw strength and security from a structured daily routine. Bed time, dinner time, getting up to go to school, or work, or church or the gym to work out. To regain strength quickly identify what your normal routines were before the crisis-and then get back to them as soon as possible. Even if you are staying in a hotel, shelter or with family members for a while, stick with the rituals that you have typically followed that make up your daily lifestyle. This way you will feel the comfort of your stable and predictable routines, regardless of the stress of the many changes happening around you.

3) Reach out for faith-

In times of crisis everyone believes in the power of prayer and the importance of their faith. There is tremendous strength in knowing what you believe and living in harmony with those beliefs and values. Plugging back into your faith after a community crisis will allow you to release anxiety over the things that you know are too big for you, because you can trust God to handle them. Dedicate a few minutes or perhaps even an hour per day to quiet mediation and reflection on what matters most if you want to continue to grow strong in spite of the storm. This is especially important when you or your children may feel lost, alone or afraid. God cares and taking time to pray and release those burdens will help you make it through the rest of your day. Many churches and houses of faith have chaplains, recovery teams, support services and even financial assistance available to help their members cope with the crisis. Helping others in need is one of the greatest ways people of faith model what they believe, so avoid the tendency of being “too nice” to ask for help if you need it. Having a committed personal faith combined with the connection of a local house of worship will give you a tremendous sense of community to get through this storm as well as the ones to come.

4) Retell your story-

Young and old alike will benefit from hearing about how other people survived the trauma they experienced. There is tremendous power in telling your story; healing power for you and helpful power for others who will gain insight and strength by hearing how creative people can become through the crisis. As you speak up about what happened, it will make it easier for other family members or coworkers to talk about their feelings of loss as well. Things will never be the same as before, but life will go on and we can rebuild and get through it better together. Telling your story now will give you additional strength as well as connect you to the neighbors and friends as they share their story with you.

No matter what the size of crisis event, you can find strength on the other side. Following the action steps in this resource guide will allow you to begin building strength back into your personal and professional life no matter how big the crisis event was. As you grow stronger you can tell others, which will encourage them to press on as they rebuild their lives, right next to yours. Stronger people create stronger communities and that is the journey you have already begun. I encourage you to stay with it as you build an even stronger life after the crisis, and then reach out to others in rebuilding your community.

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About the author- Dwight Bain is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. He is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Certified Life Coach in practice since 1984 with a primary focus on solving crisis events and managing major change.

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Jul 23 2012

Olympic Teen, Winning for Colorado

Missy Franklin on Olympic pressure, winning for Colorado. TODAY

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Jul 23 2012

Olympics Mascots

Can someone explain what these are supposed to be?

London Olympics mascots: menacing or magic? Boston Herald 


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