Sep 15 2009

Christian Music has come so far!!

I don't know about you, but I have always loved music, and being able to listen to a station like KLOVE is awesome!  I am blown away by the music from artists like Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Tenth Ave. North, Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battestelli, Crowder, Mattehew West and on and on I could go!  What amazes me is how far Christian music has come in the past 30 years! 

Being that KLOVE is entirely Listener Supported it is you that is owed the thanks for a station KLOVE!  Thanks so much for making KLOVE a reality!  I am not sure what we would all be listening to, if it wasn't for your support!

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8/30/2009 6:27:44 AM
Sara United States
That video is awesome! We play it on Wed. nights at Youth Church from time to time. It's a blast to see some people's reaction to it. Also fun to see the dance moves people come up with to it.
9/21/2009 4:01:08 AM
Melissa United States
I agree, Christian music has not always at top of my list of music. Until I found KLOVE about a year ago. At first I would switch back & forth to country or 80's music. Now I find myself listening to LOVE at work & in the car. I don't even want to hear other music. KLOVE is such a blessing to me. This is how I praise our all mighty God. I even hear my 12 yr old daughter singing along. In church I am so proud when Emily knows all the words to songs. Kids have it hard these days. But my Emily wears her Christian t-shirts to school & lets everyone know who she lives for!!!Thank you KLOVE
9/21/2009 10:01:58 AM
Jan United States
I, too, am very thankful for having found K-Love.  I listen every morning as I am on my way to work to start my day off with some "quiet time" w/God and some uplifting, encouragement from the music and words you provide.  I cannot get K-Love at work; and, by the time I leave at the end of the day, I REALLY need the reconnection that K-Love offers to take me out of the World and back into the Word.
10/13/2009 8:24:26 AM
Mike United States
Zap! Was that triple knit? I was into Christian Country in the early 90's and I hope similar video of us doesn't exist. Love your show and your ministry.
10/15/2009 12:03:38 PM
Kelly United States
Check out David Crowder covering this song:
10/17/2009 7:16:25 AM
Mike United States
I previously submitted a comment, and didn't see it posted. You're call, obviously. I didn't mean any disrespect. Is there a "blogging for idiots" published? What was submitted was my first blog attempt, ever. I remember vividly the 70's and lol (as I'm resisting to text) when younger folks recognize how unique those times were. I've literally got a t-shirt. I do love your show and all that flows thru KLOVE. Thank you and may God bless all of you.  Mike
10/28/2009 7:14:47 AM
Mary Acquistapace United States
Mary Acquistapace
Grooovey man!!!

Praise God for progress in what we think sounds good then and what REALLY sounds good now!!!
10/30/2009 10:43:35 AM
Kevin United States
oh wow...can't stop laughing.  I'm glad that I didn't have to grow up with that.  I gravitated toward Stryper and DC Talk.  Need a Stryper fix?  You may laugh at this too!

Enjoy!  Kevin
12/6/2009 6:05:38 AM
Karen Green United States
Karen Green
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