Sep 23 2009

Really? Beans for lunch?

If you're a parent, you've probably found that the struggle to feed our kids healthy food (that they will actually eat!) is constant! It can be tough to choose the right foods to put in their lunchboxes. So, this list of things that should be in our kids' lunches caught our eye. According to EatingWell Magazine, there are three things that should be in our kids' lunches to give them the nutrients and energy they need. The first is Oatmeal Bars. They can fill a kid up quickly (if you're running late and eating on the way to school!) and last longer than a sugary cereal. Another food that is great for our kids is yogurt. It helps to provide much-needed calcium to help them build strong bones. The third food on the list made us laugh! Never would have guessed: beans! Experts say that beans have iron and many new studies show that kids don't get enough iron. Iron is good for learning, memory and battling attention problems.

So, in addition to Oatmeal Bars and yogurt, break out the "musical fruit" (sorry, teachers!) for a healthier lunch for your kid tomorrow!

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9/13/2009 12:41:51 AM
graham ardner United States
graham ardner
well, i'm not a parent, but trying to get kids to eat healthy food can be a difficult task. one thing i saw at my state fair this year was a demo of a really cool mixer called the Vitamix blender/mixer/chopper. It came with a bunch of recipes that incorporated vegetables with delicious food. For example, there was a recipe for orange sherbet that had cabbage and carrots. The guy giving the demo gave all the viewers a sample, and i would've never known. unfortunately, its price tag was in a hefty $400 range.

still though, it's very worth checking out.

gda - from Syracuse, NY
9/14/2009 5:36:11 AM
Rachel United States
Hi!I am Rachel.My mom and I love K-LOVE.             YOU ROCK. BYE.Love Rachel
9/26/2009 7:25:56 AM
Karen & Hala Green United States
Karen & Hala Green
Kelli, GOD will Bless you for telling others these helpful ways to introduce good health to our children. The more people are honest with this subject the more people will realize we ALL need disapline with nutrition and turn this Nation from poor eating habits. Some news reort READ: America has most the BAD nutrional habits, but I've been to Europe and know this is not true. We ALL have bad habits and it's NOT just nutrition and it's time we broke them and it starts in OUR own backyard. To that I say this verse that comes to mind: Matthew 7:3 Thank You GOD for honesty and thank you VA's YMCA is starting to teach this as well. I LOVE YOU GOD!!
10/17/2009 6:05:26 AM
Jen United States
Thank you so much for sharing this! I am always looking for new things and ways to make my little girl smarter and healthier!! Y'all rock!
1/23/2010 1:11:21 PM
Claudia United States
Try cooking baked goodies with Blackstrap Molasses. It's what's left over after they take out all of the bad for you sugar from the sugar cane--it's the part that has all of the God given iron, vitamins, nutrients, etc. of the plant. You can Google Blackstrap Molasses for recipes and nutritional facts. It's a superfood sweetener. Think gingerbread cookies, warm breads and cupcakes that are actually good for you!!! Smile Look for the unsulphered only brands. Same with raisins--read the labels for unsulphered brands.  
3/22/2010 3:48:53 AM
Sarah Gerlitz-Mondry United States
Sarah Gerlitz-Mondry
when my daughter, Ayla (pronounced eye-lah) was young she was a very picky eater. I told her that it would make God very happy if she tried ONE big bite. If she liked it she could finish eating it, if she didn't like it- God would understand. 9 times out of 10 she liked the food!!! I kept track of the ones that she didn't like, and I re-introduce them occasionally with the same condition. As she has gotten older, she has begun to like more of them. She LOVES broccoli, water, and cherry tomatoes. If you let her choose between water, milk, juice, or sodapop she will almost always choose water or milk.
3/22/2010 4:35:09 AM
Angela Dollaway United States
Angela Dollaway
To hear that beans are the third on the list makes me a happy mom. My 5 year old son has not been eating healthy for the last few months in my standards. To find out about the beans is great because that is Austins #1 food. Beans with ketchup! AWESOME
12/13/2010 2:27:32 PM
Jess United States
My mom uses apple sauce instead of oil in cookies and some other baked stuff. You can barely tell the difference!
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