May 24 2010

How Are You Making A Difference???

What are you doing to Make A Difference today??? What has someone done to Make A Difference for you??? I hope that Shay Kelly's story will inspire you to make a difference! Check out this video...
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May 21 2010

Recipe for a Healthy Cookout!!!


Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means plenty of picnics, BBQs and home cooking at its best.   Typically American BBQ fare is high in sodium, sugar and fat which is not the best way to kick off swim suit season.  Being that we only have 6 weeks to summer it’s time to kick into high gear with healthy food.  Here are some helpful tips and food for thought (no pun intended) when it comes to BBQ appetizers and side dishes.  Tune in next week because Christine will be sharing her favorite BBQ main dishes and desserts.

Memorial Day appetizer do’s and don’ts:

Skip the greasy chips and serve Popchips or baked tortilla chips.  Baked and popped chips are tastier and much lower in sodium and fat then regular chips. 

Make your own homemade chips and salsa.  Christine Avanti’s Skinny Chips and Salsa recipe has only 106 cals, 2 g fat and 45 mg sodium verses-Tostitos brand chips and salsa 150 cal, 7 g fat & 370 mg sodium!

Serve homemade bean dip with cucumber slices for only 70 calories per ¼ cup serving and almost no sodium verses store bought at 160 calories and 340 mg sodium! 

Serve grilled vegetables instead of sugar laden baked beans, fat coated macaroni and potato salad.  Grilled veggies provide fiber, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Most importantly they won’t cause a blood sugar spike or bloating.

Serve fruit essence water (water served with fresh berries and mint) or homemade unsweetened iced tea garnished with citrus instead of soda and beer and reduce your intake of sodium, sugar and alcohol.  

Check out Christine’s Haute and Healthy Recipes for your Memorial Day Bash:

Santorini Lemon Feta Dip


Portobello Caprese Salad with Citrus Thyme Balsamic

Christine Avanti’s Skinny Chips & Fire Roasted Salsa  

Looking for more recipes?  Christine’s new book Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads  offers 100 recipes and 21 days fat melting meal plans.



May 21 2010

What is the BEST Video Game Ever???

What is the Best video game of ALL TIME??? Pac-Man is turning 30 today... and it got me to thinking about what you think is the Best Video Game EVER???
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Mark Schultz LIVE singing He Is!!!
Sep 25 2009

Mark Schultz LIVE singing He Is!!!

Mark was in the studio recently and sang his new song, but not without a few technical difficulties :) ... Just Watch the video!!!

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Comments (21) -

9/4/2009 2:26:21 PM
graham ardner United States
graham ardner
I love that song!! I thought that it was really cool what he and the guys in his church did by shaving their heads every year as a memorial to the boy who got cacner. That's what the church is all about: to encouragea and edify the body.

I'll be sure to check out the video

gda from Syracuse, NY
9/6/2009 10:44:06 AM
Lisa United States
wow what a great viedo to put on the page love him hes amazing love that song it brings tears everytime i here it makes me think of others out there that dont know God that need to know God thanks K-Love for posting this you guys rock
9/7/2009 2:24:38 PM
Beck United States
Haha! Great video!
That song is amazing too!
9/7/2009 9:29:54 PM
Cathy United States
Mark Schultz is an amazing artist.  I just love this song.
9/7/2009 9:30:24 PM
jim United States
Thanks, that's the Truth He Is The one that is and is to come Ancient of Days with all power King of Kings The Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of Righteousness with healing in His wings for the nations.God is coming with His Son to rid the earth of sin. Praise and Glory to God alone.
Duet.6:4 1st John 5:7 John 17:22,23 and Acts 1:14
9/7/2009 10:58:13 PM
Leandra United States
I really like that song, thanks for sharing that with us. Those "technical difficulties" made me laugh! ;)  ;) lol

9/9/2009 5:32:44 AM
Ellen Mills United States
Ellen Mills
Klove has been a real blessing this past year and a half. Which have been the most challenging of my life. But, on a lighter note. I enjoy watching the travel channel and I have noticed a "slight" resembalance between Scott and Andrew Zimmerman. But Scott is by far the most attractive of the Two. ;}
9/9/2009 7:48:37 AM
Sharon United States
Totally cool! Amazing!

Oh, and the song is really good too... God is always present with His children.
9/11/2009 10:05:32 AM
Leandra United States
Kelli, you are so funny when you laugh; you make me laugh when you laugh!  Great Job! Wink

9/15/2009 7:02:28 AM
Annette Smith United States
Annette Smith
Mark Shultz has a song that says...looking for love if I'm not enough....that really made me stop and realize how far down the priority list we put God when we are looking for a mate.  A person can not love us as much as God does, but yet we put such an emphasis on getting married or being married.  I'm so glad God has shown me to concentrate on Him first, then if He wants me to have a mate, He will be the provider  of that, too.
9/15/2009 9:22:39 AM
Rachel (Raleigh,NC) United States
Rachel (Raleigh,NC)
Technical difficulties or not, Mark Shultz can minister thru his music like none other.  He is such a blessing.  I so appreciate him (and other artists) who use their God-given talents to reach others for the Kingdom.  He truly has a gift!  Every one of his songs has spoken to the very depths of my soul and his new CD, "COME ALIVE" has really ministered to me thru some very dark and lonely valleys.  Thanks Mark, and KLOVE, for all you do!!
9/15/2009 10:49:35 AM
Sherry Bradford United States
Sherry Bradford
How professional and GOD given calm to just keep singing through - when we all knew he wanted to laugh at times.   Great job!
9/16/2009 4:38:08 AM
Stacey Hileman United States
Stacey Hileman
WOW!  That is amazing!  Love that song, and he has such an amazing voice!  I loved it.
9/17/2009 8:01:09 AM
Karen & Hala Green United States
Karen & Hala Green
I LOVE that GOD was able to inspire Mark to  write this song and for being in him throughout ALL his songs as well. I think ALL his music I've heard so far has complimented his GOD given talent and he truly is one of GODs Angels. I know it must have been hard to concentrate, but he stuck with the task at hand and may GOD always bless him for ALL he does and the lives he changes through his music. Thank You GOD for Mark and keep him & his family close at hand while he travels around spreading your message. At least now I can say yes, I know Mark Sholtz and if GOD hadn't sent me another angel to tell me of K-Love I wouldn't have ALL the wonderful blessings I hold close to my heart through this station, staff, listners, and GOD given talents from ALL Artist. Fantastic video, but my fav so far is the son at war, sorry I'm ill for now and can't remember the name of the song....maybe I'll win a CD one day or get well and buy one, Thanks Again!
9/17/2009 8:59:27 AM
9/18/2009 2:24:51 AM
Celeste Kvetensky United States
Celeste Kvetensky
Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed watching the video when Mark Schultz was in-studio and his headphones fell off..his composure was so incredible and he just kept going. I listen to you guys every day; you're both so uplifting and full of hope. Everyone has their days including myself. My birthmom's church is doing a 41-day fast starting Sunday, something similar to the Love Dare, except it's against negative thoughts, words, or deeds. I signed my contract this morning; it goes through November 21st. I ask that you and other KLOVE listeners might support me in this. I have to keep a journal and write down any "infractions" during this time period. We all make mistakes but we can ask forgiveness for those mistakes, learn from them and grow.
9/19/2009 11:00:20 AM
Peg de Reus United States
Peg de Reus
What an amazing song.  I will share this with a girl who lost her twin to suicide. I pray it will give her comfort as she seeks answers to her grief.  Way to go Mark as you continue to let God use your talents in amazing ways.
9/24/2009 6:36:18 PM
Anya United States
I love that song!
10/19/2009 7:48:39 PM
barbara United States
I liked the comment Annette Smith made about the song Mark Shultz has.I never thought of it that way,that's what i've been doing,but i know God will put that person in my life when he thinks i am ready.Oh and He is,is a beautiful song.
10/22/2009 5:47:08 PM
MOna Madden United States
MOna Madden
Wow!!! what an awesome song...I think I need to run out and get the Mark Shultz CD now!  
11/5/2009 12:35:44 PM
makenzie United States
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