Nov 24 2009

Scott's Infamous Turkey

Hey Everybody! I have had so many requests for how I cook my Thanksgiving turkey, so I thought I would post it here for you! So here goes! Take your turkey, after you have thawed it out, pull all the giblets out, don't want to forget those! Take a stick of butter at and mix it with minced garlic, crushed red pepper, and some dried thyme. Mix the ingredients together. Once you have dried the turkey off and toweled out the cavity. Take a pairing knife and make small slits in between the ribs into the breast of the turkey. Lift the skin of the turkey and make some small slits into the breast, make sure that you also make these slits in the front of the breast too, where the neck attaches. Then use your fingers to take the butter mixture and wedge it up into the slits that you have made into the turkey breast. Save some of the mixture to tuck under the skin around the thighs and legs. Then when roasting, as directed on your turkey label, be sure to tent your roasting pan with foil, until it's time to remove it and brown the skin. Check back every so often and use the turkey juices to baste your turkey breast. I always stuff the turkey with a little dressing to add to the other stuffing, it moistens everything up and adds lots of flavor. I will also use some of the juice from the turkey pan to moisten the stuffing. It is delicious!!! Enjoy and have a Great Thanksgiving!!!

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11/16/2009 10:43:08 PM
JJ Heller United States
JJ Heller
This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for this recipe that you posted. I've been waiting for this! We're looking forward to a delicious turkey this thanksgiving.... but if it's awful, we're blaming you Smile.
11/23/2009 2:05:08 PM
June Mann United States
June Mann
This years Thanksgiving was very crazy. My husbands grandfather was unresponsive and my husband heard it on his dad's scanner. He rushed over to his house and found him dead. My husband is a CNA and is trained in CPR. Well he brought him back. On the way to the hospital he died 2 more times. But he is very well now. And last year on Thanksgiving I had to have emergency surgery, to have my gall bladder removed. Me and my husband are wondering what next year will bring. LOL
1/16/2010 9:09:28 PM
Falco United States
Sounds very good!!
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