Dec 24 2009

Have Some Fun With Your Christmas Lights

Before you put your Christmas lights for the year... You may want to have some fun!!! Here is an idea!

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12/15/2009 3:03:59 PM
Donald Claffey United States
Donald Claffey
Hey guys, hope you had a great Christmas, really love hearing you guys on the radio, we (my wife and I) listen from Evansville, IN, Happy New Year, hope this year is the greatest!!!
12/15/2009 7:13:43 PM
Kelly Jo United States
Kelly Jo
LOVED the sheep video!  That was incredible!  And thank you immensely for playing Christmas songs!  Our family celebrates Christmas on Epiphany, January 6th. So we LOVE the Christmas music that starts on December 25 and goes on through!  Blessings to you all at KLOVE!
12/16/2009 5:04:54 PM
Tammy Zeiger United States
Tammy Zeiger
HI Scott, heard you on the radio with this story...Very Cool.  What a great intro for Christmas and a way to laugh with people.  

Thanks for this story,
12/17/2009 3:17:40 AM
Katie United States
Scott - That Christmas lights video is TOO WACKY for words!  How in the world did you find out about it?!?  Smile
12/18/2009 4:55:36 AM
Ashly Littlecreek United States
Ashly Littlecreek
caution tape:
My husband, kids and i came home one day to are two story home completley coverd in caution tape, our cars. From one sid eof the house to the other. is brother and friend came over nd we were not home are truck was in drove way and they seen the caution tape in back of truck and spent who knows how long caution tapeing our home
12/18/2009 4:55:53 AM
Anne Fitzgerald United States
Anne Fitzgerald
I heard you talking about the man whose friends wrapped everything in his apartment. Our similar story occurred when my husband and I came home from our honeymoon 24 years ago.  Two college friends who had graduated as wildlife biologists along with my husband and I had decorated each room of our new apartment as a habitat.  The living room was the forest where we found our wedding present, a new tent for camping, complete with camp chairs around a campfire.  The kitchen was the stream habitat with goldfish in the sink, a stuffed chipmunk and such things.  The bathroom was tropical with pink flamingos in the bathtub and other fake animals and plants scattered around.  One bedroom was the arctic habitat, filled about 4 feet deep with wadded up computer paper.  And then our bedroom was the desert where we thought they had nicely just put a few fake animals, until we pulled down the quilt to find the sand (represented by kiity litter) spread all over the bed sheets.  We waited until past midnight to call one of them (so we could wake her up).  She laughed at our thanks then asked what we thought of our new pet mouse.  "What mouse?" we asked.  The mouse in the forest.  It was in the pot by the fire.  We looked again. No mouse.  After hearing those little mouse noises for several hours we finally caught it in the hot water heater closet.  And yes we kept him as a pet for awhile but we got a proper cage.  Years later, we're still friends!
12/24/2009 3:14:44 PM
Evelyn Gonzalez United States
Evelyn Gonzalez
LOVE listing to both of you on radio. when ever my parents are fighting, or my siblings are picking on me, i listen to K-LOVE! Thanks, you always reassure me that with God by my side, that eventually everything will turn out okay ♥
1/12/2010 10:10:01 PM
Falco United States
That was a little bit weird, but it was cool!!
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