Jan 05 2010

KLOVE's Most Original Pet Name

Here is your chance to vote for KLOVE's Most Unusual Pet Name.  Here are your finalists...

Dahli Llama

Barak O Llama

Hamlet, the Port Bellied pig

Pogo, the one legged chicken

James Blonde, the Golden Retriver

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae named by a 7 year old who was obviously watching lots of Fox News Channel

Motorhead nicknamed Frankinkitty after getting caught in the truck engine, not once, but twice!!

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12/15/2009 1:14:27 AM
Maria Richardson United States
Maria Richardson
James Blonde!
12/15/2009 1:14:48 AM
grace elizabeth United States
grace elizabeth
i love Barak O Llama
12/15/2009 1:15:18 AM
Silvia Gurley United States
Silvia Gurley
Motorhead is my fav! I vote for him
12/15/2009 1:15:18 AM
Mattason United States
What happened to Frischy? That is very unusal isnt it?
12/15/2009 1:15:46 AM
Matthew Kelley United States
Matthew Kelley
Pogo all the way! Smile

To God be the glory.
12/15/2009 1:16:03 AM
Scott Simpson United States
Scott Simpson
Barak Olama
12/15/2009 1:16:38 AM
Mary Dockens United States
Mary Dockens
I like James Blonde
12/15/2009 1:16:42 AM
Alyson Lung United States
Alyson Lung
hi i know u have picked your finalists already but here is my friends pet name and its very unusual! she has a guinea pig named Gibber Moo!!!
12/15/2009 1:16:43 AM
Sharon United States
Dahli Llama is my vote. It's so cute!!
12/15/2009 1:17:03 AM
Donna Hodge United States
Donna Hodge
Our family votes for.....POGO!  Smile
12/15/2009 1:17:04 AM
Matthew Kelley United States
Matthew Kelley
Pogo all the way!
12/17/2009 3:17:42 PM
alice moore United States
alice moore
i have a 5 month old female boxer named Lugnut. She was originally meant to live in our garage that My husband operates, But cold weather came so she came home and lives in the house till weather breakes.
12/17/2009 4:18:43 PM
Jim United States
I vote "Frankenkitty".  That cat was a tribute to all who've overcome adversity, (especially from their own mistakes) and gone on to live happy lives.
12/17/2009 4:38:21 PM
Hannah Andrews United States
Hannah Andrews
I say James Blond
12/17/2009 11:00:08 PM
Vicki United States
I know this is over but we saw a funny video where a race horse owner named his horse "Hoof Hearted".  The announcer was calling out the race "Hoof Hearted around the bend..." etc.  But it sounds like "Who Farted around the bend".  By the end of the race the announcer was laughing so hard he couldn't talk, and you guessed it, Hoof Hearted won by a nose.  I laughed so hard, my sides hurt.  And now the name of our ranch... "Hoof Hearted Ranch".  Best name I ever heard!
12/17/2009 11:02:41 PM
Nancy Boyd United States
Nancy Boyd
I have to go with frankinkitty, love it! Sounds like something my cat would do.
12/17/2009 11:08:39 PM
Joe Fenter United States
Joe Fenter
12/17/2009 11:13:18 PM
caballus United States
Pogo, absolutely the winner!
12/17/2009 11:58:28 PM
Elizabeth United States
12/18/2009 12:22:30 AM
mary United States
12/18/2009 12:26:59 AM
dina United States
12/18/2009 12:41:40 AM
Naomi Ann United States
Naomi Ann
Barak O Llama has to be the funniest! My best friend thinks so too Laughing
12/18/2009 12:51:48 AM
Kris United States
I know this is over but wanted to add our two cats to the mix Marybelle and Peter Paul.  Funny thing about them we had Marybelle and got Peter Paul a couple years later and he was already named Peter Paul.  So we have Peter Paul and Mary....belle. Peter Paul plays fetch better than any dog I ever had!!
12/18/2009 12:56:46 AM
Lori Yeater United States
Lori Yeater
That's us!  Barak-O-Llama!
12/18/2009 12:58:11 AM
Jennifer United States
My 4 year old names our Bulldog Peanut Butter since he loves PBJ so much.
12/18/2009 12:58:37 AM
sandi jones United States
sandi jones
we have a chocolate lab named Cadbury
12/18/2009 1:02:03 AM
charles United States
I know the games over but I have to share the name of my Cockateil-bird that I had several years ago......Beaureguard Hollingsworth Newton-Wright the First
12/18/2009 1:59:15 AM
Janice United States
Gotta go with POGO!!  What a brave chicken to keep going!

Sorry I didn't get in on the beginning of this--but gotta share my daughter's guinea pig's name and all his children...  She named him Mr. Snickers - of course he looks like a snicker bar.  He married, Sarah (Lee) and they had Carmel and 'Smores; then later had Reeses and Midnight!
12/18/2009 4:47:15 AM
Elizabeth United States
12/18/2009 4:47:28 AM
Elizabeth United States
12/18/2009 6:18:59 AM
Madison United States
James blonde should totally win
12/18/2009 7:05:24 AM
Beth United States
I know this is over by just had to add this one.  One of my husbands uncles owns a small farmette (a farm but on a small scale) in Pennsylvania.  His uncle is very endearing, speaking with a slow drawl,his cover-alls caked with farm dirt and grease from the tractors he buys and restores from auctions.  Another thing he buys at auctions are animals-most of which live out the rest of their earthly lives on Russ' farm. Russ loves his animals and gives everyone a name.  At one auction, he spotted an emaciated, bony looking cow.  Russ named the sad specimen....BONES.  
12/18/2009 4:45:05 PM
Alethea United States
dahli llama!!

i had a raccoon named mortimer!
12/18/2009 11:34:17 PM
Aaron United States
5 Votes for Pogo (each family member)
So which pet name won? I've been listening, but maybe I missed it?
12/20/2009 6:58:11 AM
Priscilla United States
Aww, I'm late to enter my dog Scrooge!   Full name, Scrooge Mick Duck. --- honestly! Our last name is Duck Smile
12/20/2009 4:05:25 PM
Chrystal Wilson United States
Chrystal Wilson
i know it is to late to add one but I have a friend who has a pot bellied pig name Patsy Swine.
1/1/2010 1:49:03 AM
Heather United States
I'm likin the cuteness of James Blonde.
1/4/2010 4:07:40 PM
cash advance United States
cash advance
There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles
1/9/2010 5:34:55 AM
Destiny United States
1/9/2010 6:25:36 AM
MKD United States
1/9/2010 7:05:12 AM
Margi United States
I like James Blond.
1/10/2010 7:43:20 AM
Melissa United States
My kids named our cat cucumber...
1/11/2010 5:54:29 PM
Hailey United States
1/11/2010 11:51:10 PM
Liz Hogge United States
Liz Hogge
My husband named our pet pekin duck "Albert".
1/12/2010 12:25:21 AM
Julie United States
So I know this contest was awhile ago, but just thought I'd share our dog's name.  Our last name is Bitz and our dog is named Kibbles...you know...Kibbles N Bitz!!  The best part is that we didn't even name him.  The people we got him from when he was just 3 months old had already named him Kibbles.  It was just so perfect with our name that we had to keep it.  
1/17/2010 8:57:28 AM
Hannah Joy United States
Hannah Joy
James Blonde! Tong
~Hannah Joy
1/20/2010 12:34:35 PM
hannah United States
James blonde
1/22/2010 6:22:11 PM
Teeky United States
I once saw at the animal shelter an orange cat named chedder, a white one named mouse, and an orange mouse named ritz, his brownish bro named wheat thins, and his other orange bro named Baquett. I must have looked really weird cuz i cracked up on the floor. Smile
2/15/2010 3:03:17 PM
Starlight United States
James Blonde...so cute!
3/26/2010 1:38:45 PM
Renee Rice United States
Renee Rice
5/21/2010 7:15:56 AM
sarai marsh United States
sarai marsh
had a cat named sabacco pelu. means hairy armpit in portugeese.
5/24/2010 1:03:28 PM
Bridgette United States
I had a black cat and we named him Licorice!  Then we had gotten another cat and stayed in the 'licorice' family and named him Nibbs.
5/25/2010 2:13:29 PM
Julianna United States
I have 2cats they are girls we named them after
red sox players there names are pd and ellsbury


6/11/2010 12:59:01 PM
Patricia United States
My sister had an incessantly hyperactive hamster named Jitterbug Smile
6/11/2010 12:59:37 PM
Ed Godfrey United States
Ed Godfrey
We have always tried to be unique - at current we have 3 cats; Latte; Macchiato and Tiamo (Italian for "I Love You".  Our raccoon has a most regular name, "Bandito".  We also have had a cat named Bistro; Kiwi; and Iced Tea.
6/11/2010 1:02:11 PM
Ed Godfrey United States
Ed Godfrey
One more  - we have a snake named "Sir Hiss!"
6/11/2010 1:13:32 PM
Ronanne Morrow United States
Ronanne Morrow
My mother once had a dog name Fustinhimer.....Love that dog, Dad got rid of it....its name stayed in my heart, so one day my dog had pups and this one dog look just like that DOg, so I now have a Fustinhimer...
6/11/2010 1:21:01 PM
Dwanna P. United States
Dwanna P.
I have a sassy little Pomeranian that I named Fraulein Greta Von Poole.
10/25/2010 5:20:31 PM
Becca United States
Pogo all the way
3/5/2011 1:47:03 PM
Jazzy United States
Pogo the one legged chicjen gets my vote
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