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Don't Worry About Anything...Thank God for Everything!

Don't Worry About Anything...Thank God for Everything! 


Chicago Cubs Shave Their Heads to Support Kids with Cancer, Reportedly Raise $12,000


Taco Bell CEO: Biscuit Taco, Frito Taco  


Dad's Superhero Notes in Son's Lunch are Super-Cute 


In Other News... 

Little League Star Mo'ne Davis, 13, Thinks Player Who Slammed Her on Twitter Should Get 'Second Chance' 

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Prank on MercyMe!!
Jan 08 2010

Prank on MercyMe!!

Johnny Diaz was our special in studio guest this afternoon! He told us that he and the Tenth Ave. North guys pranked them with some of really cheesy MercyMe t-shirts and Boy Band dance routine! Check out the video!!

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Comments (16) -

12/31/2009 9:59:49 AM
Hannah Stegman United States
Hannah Stegman
this is super funny! i wish i wa there to see itFrown  lol Smile
12/31/2009 10:06:39 AM
Darla United States
That was great!!!
12/31/2009 10:07:38 AM
Arielle United States
12/31/2009 10:10:26 AM
Deborah Farooq United States
Deborah Farooq
Great  that they are showing people all over the world to love and how to have fun and spread the love to gods children all over the world.
12/31/2009 10:12:31 AM
Christopher United States
awww man. that is just hilarious. i would have been on the floor if i was at that concert
12/31/2009 10:18:58 AM
Na Lee United States
Na Lee
Hahaha... LOL.. That was great!
12/31/2009 10:24:41 AM
Adam Fink United States
Adam Fink
That was have been awesome to have been there!
1/1/2010 12:58:26 PM
Rhonda United States
That's really cute~
Funny how they thought that one up LOL
Last night of the tour...I guess bands better be ready for a prank.<^^>
1/1/2010 1:06:27 PM
Rebecca United States
That is so funny!! Hahahhaha lol Smile
1/1/2010 2:26:31 PM
Jessica United States
Hilarious. I love it!
1/1/2010 3:33:47 PM
Saha Russia
That is very funny! Smile I wish I could have been there!
1/1/2010 3:43:18 PM
Mrs. Charles United States
Mrs. Charles
All I can say is WOW! great dancing and nice clothes. Good times are always remembered! Enjoy every minute of it. LOL Always with Love for our Savior!
1/1/2010 5:13:02 PM
Destiny United States
Laugh Out Loud! I would have absolutly Loved to be up there on a stage full of Christian people dancing for God and Jesus! God and Jesus were probaly Laughing because that was cute! Love you guys! God is Love! GOD AND JESUS ARE TRUE AND PERFECT LOVE FOREVER! GOD IS LOVE! GOD'S WORD! LOVE ! GOD IS LOVE!
1/3/2010 7:16:59 PM
Rebecca Zimbabwe
that was so funny i though they were gonna like like like like start breke dancing....
1/15/2010 3:06:53 AM
Diana United States
Soooooooo funny! Smile
4/4/2010 6:26:06 AM
Leandra United States
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