Jan 18 2010

Are YOU Making A Difference???

Today is Make A Difference Monday! We are hoping that you''ll join us in making a difference for someone today. Maybe it's buying a cup of coffee for someone... or stopping to pray for someone...or helping out those who are in Haiti.

As you remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, and how much of a difference he made in his life, what a great time to look around and see how you might be able to make a difference for someone else.  Please take the time to share your story!!!

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2/9/2010 4:47:53 PM
Greg in Colorado United States
Greg in Colorado

Random acts of kindness. I like to buy my dear wife 2 dozen roses every week (30 years now!) and while shopping, I give one to any person who looks like they need one. It's amazing how many ladies have not received a flower in a long time. The older women really like this since many no longer have a husband and my wife gets excited when she finds out she only has half a bouquet by the time I get home. She knows I've been out blessing others and spreading smiles for miles.
God is GREAT!
2/10/2010 12:44:35 AM
Beth Hall United States
Beth Hall
Hi! Love Make of Difference Monday!  I had the opportunity to talk with a deaf friend today who talks on the phone via a TTY device.  I say what I want to say and the operator then types it into a machine so my friend can read it.  Then she types her responses and the operator reads it back to me.  Much of our discussion was about the Gospel, His undeniable love, salvation and special prayer.  There were two operators assisting with the call that were both able to experience everything that was said by me and typed back by my friend!  We will never know if they are Christians or not, but they certainly got an earful and perhaps it even changed a life.  I enjoy telling my friend that the first sound she will ever hear will be the trumpets at Christ's wonderful and long awaited return!  That gives me goose bumps and I hope it does you, too!

In His Service,
2/11/2010 1:16:33 PM
Tiffany Little United States
Tiffany Little
I just had to share my story with you. My husband and I were in the checkout lane getting groceries yesterday, Monday the 18th, and a woman came up to us and asked if these were our groceries. It concerned me a little but I said Yes? and she told us that she was buying them for us. ..................
My lungs failed me. I couldn't believe what I had heard! NOTHING like this ever happens to us. This couldn't be. I asked the lady, are you serious? And she told us that she wouldn't have said it if she wasn't telling the truth.
We don't know her name or where she is today, but we do know that God sent her to us with a message...I will always take care of you. Stop worrying and just rely on me!
You see, this wonderful lady may have just been doing what she felt she should, or simply being a servant in what way she could, but she had no idea what she has done for us..way more than buying us groceries. My husband and I are both college students, 20 and 21 years old, living in assisted housing. And I am 3 weeks late. When I found out that we could have a child on the way I went into panic mode. As of next year we will have earned over 50,000 in student loan debt. How could we support a child? How would we make it? Then this lady just by paying for our groceries also handed me a note from God, that will forever be written on my heart, saying that He will always take care of us. Always. ALWAYS!
I found out today that I'm most likely not pregnant, but that we just got dropped from our auto insurance and may lose our housing assistance, but I'm not afraid. My God is taking care of me.

Thank you sweet lady from Starkville, MS who not only wore a blue jean jacket representing Toledo University, but also wore Jesus' love. I will be praying for you the rest of my life. I'll never forget that.
2/13/2010 11:17:56 AM
Susan United States
On a really cold day in January, my daughter and I decided to stop and get hot chocolate for these 3 construction workers that were working on a bridge a few miles from our house. They were so surprised when we gave it to them, they didn't understand why we would do something like that. A few weeks later, my husband was at work.One of his co-workers told him that he was at the grocery store the night before and a construction worker was helping an elderly lady load her groceries into her car. The lady thanked him and said "nobody does things like this anymore." The construction worker replied "I thought the same thing until a woman and her daughter brought me hot chocolate when I was working out in the cold."
My husband couldn't believe it, it was his wife and daughter that this man was talking about. It was just so cool to see how little random acts of kindness can have a domino effect. It shows that the little things do make a difference, we just don't always get to see it.
2/14/2010 3:54:34 PM
Wendy Ramsey United States
Wendy Ramsey
I have been hearing all of the stories about how people make a difference in others lives.  This is so true.  A year ago an F3 tornado swept through our little community in Fayetteville, IN and destroyed 5 homes, including my husbands and mine.  Not only did it destroy our home, but it took my parents and my nephew's as well.  It was total devastation!  Our home was only 7 years old and it was wiped clean to the sub floor...took carpet, pad, and all.  Yes...we were home at the time and had no warning.  We live in a rural area where there are not warning sirens.  God was in total control and gave us about 30 seconds to get our 3 kids time to get to the basement.  My husband didn't got with us, but went to get his boots instead.  God changed his mind and made him head to the stairs.  But...as the roof of our home went up into the air my husband was pushed down the stairs with a shove from the Lord.  

Fortunately, and only by the grace of God, no one was hurt seriously.  My mother was thrown out the back door, but again God held her there.  My nephew and his family were in a 1972 mobile home hallway and God put His hand on them and that was the only part of the house that wasn't harmed.

I have been hearing about Make a Difference Monday and I wanted to tell you that this tornado happened on Sunday, March 8, 2009 and on Monday there were about 200 plus people on our 97 acre farm.  There were cars, trucks, trailers, everywhere.  People combed the fields of our property picking up anything they could find.  They sifted through the rubble of our lives helping us to salvage anything possible.  Our church became the center of operations.  They took any pictures they could find, spread them out to dry in any room they could find.  They also wiped each down after drying.  Everyone was awesome.

God put this in our lives for some reason.  Everyone involved said that if only one person came to know the Lord through our tradgedy, then it was worth it.  
That evening they cleaned off what was left of my garage and put tables out from our church.  The community met to give thanks for the safety that God had provided and the tremendous amounts of help.  Supper was provided also and everyone joined together in praise and honor of our Mighty God.

It truly made a difference in our family's lives to see the outpouring of love that was shown to those of us who were a part of this tradgedy.

We have a saying here in Fayetteville that "God is good all the time...and all the time God is good!"  We hold true to these words...my family is still here because of God's love and protection.  He does make a difference and He uses others to do that.

I pray that you can make a difference just as these that helped us did!
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!
4/3/2010 8:50:39 AM
Jeff Ledebur United States
Jeff Ledebur
Hello K-love! Even though we are serving others on Sunday, April 18th, I figure that's close enough. A group of 50 students from Westminster College in New Wilmington PA are traveling to a near by community to assist residents by painting the inside of their homes as part of Global Youth Service Day! God Bless these students and their hearts of service!
4/24/2010 6:27:02 PM
Becky Kliewer United States
Becky Kliewer
Today I made a random stop at the local Good Year store to get my car's fuel filter changed. While waiting for my car a lady I sat next to in the waiting area was reading an article in the local paper about a pending murder trial. She proceeded to share w/ me that her sister was brutally murdered with 2 others back in '97. I was moved to the point of tears - I asked her if I could pray with her - she said yes. I sat w/ her and prayed that God would give her strength and grace in her grief. I also shared w/ her that God remembers and He will not leave her or forsake her her family.  As I left the store I was dumb founded by what God did in this situation and was glad that I was paying attention.  Sometimes making a difference is taking the time to remind others that God still loves them and show them that love by our actions.  I find that praying with others on "the spot" has been a powerful tool that God has begun to use in me.  Now I just have to remember to tell them about KLOVE!
Thanks you guys!  Becky - Bend, OR
5/18/2010 12:13:49 AM
caleb United States
well i wanted to make a difference for my friends by bringing them to church and by hopefully reading the bible with them and praying with them and so thats how i want make a difference for my friends.and i wanted to tell you that my age is 9 thank you!
5/18/2010 6:36:35 PM
Karen United States
Our family was camping last week in order to help care for my mother who had just been released from the hospital from having back surgery.  One morning I walked around the campground with our six youngest children gathering up trash.  We were able to find quite a bit in order to help out.  This particular campground has been very helpful to my parents who travel 4 hours from home, out of state, to be able to use a surgeon that they trust.  The stay in their camper until the doctor releases them to travel home.  The people at this campground have been very acccomodating to my parents and I wanted to be able to show my appreciation... and my kids thought it was really cool to do something to "make a difference" so they could tell K-Love!
5/18/2010 9:16:58 PM
liz chavez United States
liz chavez
Hi, my 13 year old daughter made a differance today by prayer for a soldier who will be leaving for duty to Afganistan in two days.  He went to go speak to her class about what he does in the milatary and she started to get a prompting to pray for the soldier.  She spoke with him before he left the classroom and she told him she got a prompting for God to pray for him.  She asked him, "can i please pray for you?" SHe said he took off his hat and placed his hands into hers and she started to pray for God's protection not only for him, but for his troop.  Whe she was done he thanked her very much for the prayers.  She felt so joyous that she he was willing to recieve prayer.  It is amazing to see when God uses young children to minister to people.  We will keep that young solider in our prayers.
5/22/2010 1:50:50 AM
teresa United States
Would love to tell yo uhow a friend can make diffrence. My husband had left me a year ago this month. I knew what i needed to do. So I hit my knees and cried out to God. God wanted me to stand for my marriage. I started loosing friends when I decided that i was going to follow wgat God wanted me to do but i had one friend that said I am there for you. We started praying and studing our bible. what is so awesome is that God allowed  Dona and me come back to him. You can just feel God unending love.When I wanted to give up Dona would say no fear or there is nothing impossible fo God. Well praise God my husband has returned home though he dosent know why yet but God will reveal that to him soon. and every day I see God working on him. Please never think there is nothing you can give because you do not have money just by being a friend and listening to God can make a diffrence for someone and standing with that friend when the world says diffrent is the greastest gift you can give.  
6/16/2010 7:53:10 AM
Joy & Cassie Grimes United States
Joy & Cassie Grimes
We have a Heat Advisory in our area of Metropolis, IL and we saw our mailman Steve this afternoon walking his route as Cassie & myself went to McDonalds to get something to drink, so we got him a water and brought it to him on his route.  He was very appreciative of it and it also showed my daughter Cassie how to "think of other people" before ourselves.  
Have a good day!  
Joy & Cassie Grimes
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