Jan 18 2010

Remembering Dr. King today!

Dr. martin Luther King Jr. lived what he believed and even gave his life for it. Hopefully you'll spend some time reflecting on the kind of legacy that you'll leave behind. Here is a blog from author Matthew Paul Turner that does a nice job of remembering Dr. King.


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1/11/2010 8:52:42 PM
Sherrie United States
Hi Scott & Kelli,

I have a friend here in Milwaukee who has given her life over to caring for the homeless and mentally ill. Shawna quit her job about 3 years ago & now looks after about 90 mentally ill, ex-substance abusers, etc. well over full time! She goes to bat for these people on all levels from housing to food to cloting, etc.

I haven't yet figured out what she, as a single Mom, lives on, but God always seems to provide the basics.

She has much more guts than I ever will have. Sometimes I don't understand her commitment to these people. Most landlords don't want these people in their buildings because they have unsavory habits. Most would be homeless except for Shawna's caring.

She cares for them not only on Mondays, but provides some of them 6 meals a week, too!

Shawna just loves them through it! God bless her!
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