Jan 20 2010

MercyMe is on this Afternoon!

Hey Bart and Barry from MercyMe will be on with Kelli and I this afternoon. I found this on their website, as they were getting ready to fly to the KLOVE studios. What do you think... Should we get them to dance today???


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1/10/2010 7:53:15 PM
Tisha United States
I like MercyMe!
1/10/2010 10:20:57 PM
MKD United States
I really like Mercy Me the more songs i hear. I also think they have the best of best version of Drummer Boy.  Thanks guys
3/29/2010 8:14:46 AM
kelly United States
we drove 4 hours each way last friday to see MM & DCB et al at Boise. AWESOME is all I can say. What a worship experience for us!Thanks to Bart and David and all the others who make our daily walk a little more blessed!
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