三月 12 2010

You Need Your Breakfast!


*Eating breakfast boosts weight loss efforts by kick starting your metabolism.  Studies show that breakfast eaters have success at losing and maintaining weight loss compared to those who skip.

 *Improves concentration so you can move about your day with more intellect.  Research shows that people who eat a high fiber breakfast have better concentrations levels then those who eat a high fat breakfast. 

*Protects your heart.  One study noted that people who consumed whole-grain cereals had a lower risk of heart disease. 

Christine Avanti’s Breakfast Tips

1. Eat a balanced meal of lean protein and high fiber carbs, like her Spring Asparagus Mini Frittatas and a bowl of steel cut oats.  Find this healthy recipe at www.christineavanti.com.

2.  If you don’t have time for breakfast, grab a Kashi TLC bar, I love their peanut butter flavor.  It’s packed with good fats, fiber, protein and carbs.  Another quick option is Kashi Go Lean Hi Protein Cereal…it’s got 13 grams of protein and it’s loaded with all natural high fiber carbs.  Add some skim milk and you’ve got a breakfast of champions! 

3.  Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up so that you don’t have a energy crash and crave sugar later in the afternoon.


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三月 11 2010

Duct Tape Creativity!

There is a contest for college scholarships for kids who make their prom outfits out of duct tape!!! What is the most creative thing that you have ever used duct tape for???

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三月 10 2010

Addison Road update!

We were heartbroken about the terrible loss that the band Addison Road suffered this past week. While on tour with Sanctus Real, their RV burned to the ground and they lost everything. Thank you so much for praying for them, it's been a really tough time. But God is faithful!

God wouldn't let me sleep after hearing about this. He laid some friends of mine on my heart. Geoff and Jill Ludlow of Full Sail Ministries. They travel with their family in an RV spreading the word of God. I felt that God wanted me to call them and see if Addison Road could use their RV. Turns out, they didn't need it until June and after hearing Addison Road's story, Geoff jumped at the chance to offer them the use of their RV for the remainder of the tour!

Jenni shared that they were considering leaving the tour and heading home. They were even questioning their career choice. It's amazing to see how God can use us to make a difference! For Geoff and his family, it was sharing their RV. For you, it may be something different. We are all called to reach out to those around us and share the love of Jesus.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for making a difference!


Geoff and Jill Ludlow

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What Do You Want to Say to TobyMac?
Jan 22 2010

What Do You Want to Say to TobyMac?

TobyMac is our special guest this afternoon!  What would you like to say to him??? Any special shoutouts?? Has one of his songs touched you???

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12/28/2009 10:11:22 AM
Scott Smith United States
Scott Smith
We Love You Man!
12/28/2009 10:12:12 AM
Leslie United States
God bless you, Toby ... I love your music Smile
12/28/2009 10:14:17 AM
Danielle United States
When are you comin' back to Alaska? Saw you with my daughter and youth group a while back at the Alaska State Fair and loved it!!
Love to see you again in the great white north!!
12/28/2009 10:14:28 AM
Alysa United States
Hi Toby!
I really love your song "Suddenly" I was going through a hard time when I heard it for the first time, and I realized that everything you were saying was totally true!It's still one of  my favorite songs, and it really encourages me. Smile Thanks so much! Can't wait for the new album!
12/28/2009 10:15:02 AM
Leandra United States
Tobymac, you are sooooo cool!!  I really love your song Burn For You and Lose My Soul but they never play them on klove anymore,(klove) me and my friends want you to play it right now please!  Thanks!  Your big Klove fans, Leandra, Isaac, + Katie
12/28/2009 10:17:27 AM
Kayla Canada
You and your music have been a comfort, a chalenge, and a tye between continents. I lived in Kenya for three months in 2006 and a few of my friends put a slideshow together for me as a goodbye... their choice of music: Gone - TobyMac ... recently i was having a rough time and a friend of mine who met you at a concert had asked you to sign his backstage pass with your favorite verse... he passed that on to me and it gave me hope in a rough time ... continue to allow God to work through you! He's doing some pretty cool stuff!
12/28/2009 10:19:04 AM
Spencer Hicks United States
Spencer Hicks
Toby,  My name is Spencer Hicks, I live in Ohio, and I am 11 years old.  I really like the song, "Burn for You" that you sing(I know this song well because I have your CD "Alive and Transported"--in Houston, TX).  I listen to your music a whole lot.  My mom got me started listening to your music.  

I hope to hear from you soon.  You could reply to my mom's e-mail, or my address is:  8969 Old U.S. Rt. 36, Bradford, OH  45308.

12/28/2009 10:19:20 AM
Rachel Reedy United States
Rachel Reedy
Hi, I would like to say first that God has blessed ya! My dad is a big praise and worship guy and when your song "Extreme Days" came out, he wouldnt let me listen to it- he is not into the whole rock, rap music.. he is into Michael W. Smith-basically slow worship songs (which there is nothing wrong with that-I just need my Tobymac, Fireflight, Red, and so on). Now, he says that God has blessed you and that you are doing great, which for him to say that is a big deal-the youth pastor at his church would agree. For me, I have to say thank you for all you have done. Your song, "Made to Love" is my praise and worship song. Just to know that I am made to love God and am loved by God well, makes me wanna dance. My husband who doesnt like rap, likes this song and "Lose My Soul". Thank you soo much!!!
Va Bch
12/28/2009 10:19:26 AM
Donna S United States
Donna S
im 12 yrs old and your music has truely helped my spiritual growth. i would apreciate it if u would give a shout out to my very close friends, who i got baptised with on the 28th of june last yr their names are Mandy, Kendra and Maggie. thx for reading this!!!!!!!!

p.s my mom, Elly, wanted me to say she thinks u have an amazing voice, which it sooo true!!!
12/28/2009 10:25:12 AM
Debra Sweat United States
Debra Sweat
Yeah, we've been wanting to tell Toby this for a year.  We saw him at Winter Jam in Southaven, MS last year and it rocked, so awesome. But, on the way home, my daughter got a dreaded speeding ticket.  Well, no big deal you know these things happen.  The next week I got a big fat ticket while listening to Toby Mac on the way to school with my son.  (I know I shouldn't have been speeding but who can help it when you're listening to I need a getaway car, gotta get outta her fast and far)? Anyways, just to be safe, Toby, we think you should add an advisory to the outside of your cd that guards you against such tickets LOL love ya man!
1/3/2010 1:54:29 PM
Gary Hoffman United States
Gary Hoffman
My family and I really enjoyed the concert in PHX this past December...

It was a great experience!!!  We hope that you come back soon...


1/3/2010 3:28:43 PM
Lisa United States
Hey Toby,We LOVE you so much.There is a sweet guy named Mckinnely who works at our local albertsons store in Bend Or.He is an on fire for Jesus kinda guy with a gift for writing rap songs with a powerfull christian message.He has shared his heart with us about finding someone to help him with the music to his songs and we imediately thought of you.So..If your ever in the local albertsons in Bend OR. Please stop by and look this sweet brother up.I think he is one of the evening managers.He could use your help!Hes a precious guy .. God Bless you Toby , and your family too..L and family...
1/6/2010 12:31:48 AM
stefania serna United States
stefania serna
        hallo how r u doing with ur music do u love singing hey can i ask u a ques since when have u started singing do u love it?Well hey am 13 an my b day is 3/14/96 its almst here well i wanted 2 tell u that u need to keep doing what ur doing an dont ever quit ur not doing it for ppl to love u ur doing it 4 god an u have change alot of ppl mains an please right to me anytme my emial is serna.estefania@yahoo.com please answer my ques well bye rember dont ever give up keep what ur doing an just have fun dont give keep singing an keep god in ur heart Smile
1/6/2010 1:11:18 AM
Ryan Rasmussen United States
Ryan Rasmussen
I am a teacher at a school that only see students that are diagnosed with an emotional or mental disability.  I am a huge Toby fan. I listen to atleast on of his songs every morning to help me remember my purpose on this planet.  I teah K-2nd grade and when you guys had the tickets to WinterWonder Slam, I played KLove softly in my room.  During that time my students also fell in love with Toby and his music.  I would like to thank Toby for his message in his songs, his godly leadership, and being a great role model during a time when so many people are focused on themselves.  I can not wait to see him in concert again, hopefully he can get close to Fort Smitn.  We missed out on the AwakeTonight tour.  I love you Toby, I hope I get the chance to let you know in person jus what an impact you make in my life and the life of my students and faculty every time I listen to your music.  God bess.  Ryan
2/15/2010 2:17:43 AM
anet United States
hey my name iz anet wats up soooo..... when are you havin a concert
3/20/2010 4:22:52 AM
karla patricia Mexico
karla patricia
hello toby mac cantas inkreible cuidate Q.D.B
3/25/2010 4:20:04 PM
caitlin United States
I have always been listening to your songs ever since I first got your songs! They are all so awesome! I have your new album and I LOVE it! I know all the songs by heart! I also remember you coming to alaska for a concert for the fair! That was awesome,too!

3/25/2010 10:11:33 PM
Kolbe United States
Hey Toby! You are my insporation! I write poems and try to turn them into songs, not very good at it though. You help me start listening to klove, when i heard city on our knees i knew klove was the station for me, now all of my ipod songs are klove artist. all thanks to you. i would love for you to email me at lizziedancer123@gmail.com or call me at 1 859 704 0487. thanks klove!
3/27/2010 3:18:44 AM
Claire United States
My boyfriend and I were in a pretty serious relationship and he recently broke up with me. I was pretty depressed and angry for the past couple months, especially because he doesn't want anything to do with me now. Your song "Get Back up" makes me feel so much better and reminds me that there are other better things out there! I always listen to it on K Love
4/20/2010 11:37:05 PM
DARREN Kinsler United Kingdom
DARREN Kinsler
TobyMac is a wonderfull singer. I really like his music, especially the new album. "City on Our Knees" is my favorite song.Also like most of the songs of 'Momentum" album. Can`t wait your concert in Wiston House.  
4/26/2010 2:51:01 AM
jacob United States
toby u are alsome I love your song city on are nees.I lisen to it every were I go.I hope u come to west virgina.And if u do i hope I get to see u.
5/4/2010 1:05:08 AM
giggi United States
i love the songs from toby u r awsome and praise the lord that u have a good voice 4 us as christians and i always hear ur songs

     toby rules
5/5/2010 10:08:07 PM
gina Uruguay
i love toby mac.he is my fav. music player.
5/26/2010 11:34:21 PM
Stephanie Manuel United States
Stephanie Manuel
Hi, Toby. My name is Stephanie and I am 12 years old. Your songs have greatly blessed me in many ways. Your songs have helped me come through hard times when I think that God can no longer hear me.
They have helped me through my case of severe asthma and friendship troubles. I just want you to know that you are my major support through thick and thin and also for many other Christians.
                 Stephanie-your #1 fan
6/19/2010 5:15:49 PM
katherine United States
hi toby . my name is katherine and I am 17 years old. your songs are really great and a real bless in my life. God bless you
2/27/2011 6:01:53 AM
Hoshie Boshie United States
Hoshie Boshie
I just had my 11'th birthday and I have three of your albums and love it.
You really need to come out at Whitsett NC.

your #1 fan

Hosanna Jonna Vermillion
3/24/2011 12:37:52 PM
morgan gallaty
morgan gallaty
i love your music god blessSmile
3/24/2011 12:38:32 PM
morgan gallaty
morgan gallaty
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