Feb 04 2010

Ketchup Packets

We just heard today that Heinz is redesigning the infamous ketchup packet after 40 years!  I have to admit that I am a little bummed because it means NO MORE ketchup packet fights!!!  Did you ever do that???

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1/9/2010 5:11:52 PM
Debbie United States
I can't believe people never heard of the fights. or tricks.  even if you were never involved!  where did you live?
1/9/2010 5:12:26 PM
Shannon Hammonds United States
Shannon Hammonds
When my brother and I were kids, we would grip both ends and twist the package so that all the ketchup was forced to the center and there was a lot of pressure.  Then we would thump it real hard and it would bust.  Seems silly now, but we had fun doing it 20+ yrs ago.  I'm a girl, but I had fun w/ ketchup packages.  I really hate to see them change.  Frown
1/9/2010 5:13:06 PM
Jenni United States
Heck ya I remember causing destruction with the ketchup packets.  We used to put them on the ground and stomp on them to see how far we could shoot the ketchup.  Indoors or out it didn't matter we would still challange each other.  O those bygone days.
1/9/2010 5:13:13 PM
staci United States
I saw a kid at the Mall the other day with a t- shirt that said... " I put Ketchup on My Ketchup!" LOL
  What a hoot.. sounds like my boys~

1/9/2010 5:13:33 PM
Terry Plunkett United States
Terry Plunkett
I never had a ketchup packet fight.  However, in high school my brother was in the All State band and they practiced and performed at the Oral Roberts University.  My brother had a rubber gag thumb.  At lunch they put his thumb in his hand and squirted it full of ketchup.  They then ran through the cafeteria yelling that he had cut his thumb off.  Needless to say the girls about lost their lunch.
1/9/2010 5:14:13 PM
Melissa Soriano United States
Melissa Soriano
hey scott& kelli sorry if i missed spelled thing im listening to your radio station at school and my teacher dont like me going through oyur website if its not school work related, but actually boys are not the only ones who do that, me and my brother use to do that you bend the ketchup in half and squeeze it real hard and the ketchup would squirt at the person your pointing at but you always have to becareful it doesnt back fire and squirt at you, im 18yrs old and me and my brother whos 16yrs old use to do that every time we ate mcdonalds as kids, adn still till this day we do it, its soooo funny!!
i always seem to squirt him but he never squirted me..lol!!!
but yep me and daniel always did it. Smile
1/9/2010 5:14:31 PM
Becca United States
OK...I'm a girl..and I have to admit that I've tried. But, but.. I grew up with boys!! I never was able to get it to work..Frown  haha  Maybe I'll just have to go try again and see if my hubby will teach me the right way!!

BTW, you two sounded great singing this morning!! Kelli, I LOVE your voice  Smile
1/9/2010 5:15:01 PM
carla United States
When I was in third or fourth grade some friends and I had a sleepover at my house.  We had a contest to see who could squirt the ketchup the highest, in the living room... needless to say I was punished and cleaned ketchup off the ceiling and walls the next day.  For awhile we would see spots we missed...
1/9/2010 5:15:02 PM
Chris Carlson United States
Chris Carlson
In school you put the ketchup under a chair or bench in the cafeteria and then when someone sat down, the ketchup squirted everywhere,  it was really good if you used multiple packets. The Janitor hated us GUYS....  Yeah it's a guy thing  
1/9/2010 5:15:54 PM
Katy United States
The best packets are the hot sauce packets at Taco Bell! They have little sayings on them. My favorite is one that says "Can I drive?".
1/9/2010 5:16:08 PM
Jay United States
Yes of course. We used to lay the packets on the sidewalk and stomp on them to see how far the ketchup will travel or to squirt ketchup on people.
Jay in San Antonio
1/9/2010 5:19:21 PM
Julie United States
In college we ate in a cafeteria in a different dorm than where we lived.  On the way back from dinner one night one of my friends saw a ketchup packet on the sidewalk and proceeded to jump on it.  Well, my boyfriend at the time happened to be walking by just at the right (or wrong?) moment as our friend, Larry, landed on this ketchup packet.  It squirted out like it was shot out of a cannon right up my boyfriend's leg.  And the chase was on....
1/9/2010 5:20:51 PM
Melissa Soriano United States
Melissa Soriano
hey guys boys arent the only ones who did that,
im 18yrs old and of course im a GIRL!!!! and me and my brother whos 16yrs old, We would have ketchup fights everytime we eat ate mcdonalds its actually really fun, ummm...i always get him he harldy ever gets me bcus ill tattle tale, lol! :b But its a real fun thing to have that "KODAK" monet with a sibling...lol!
But yeah ever since we were kids i was like if you fold the ketchup packet in half and squeeze it real hard itll get all over the person your pointing it at, so one day it was soooo quiet in my car and i told my brother aye, think FAST and i suirted ketchup in his face he was like mad then started lauhging and i looked at him he was like duuude how did you do that i was like like this...i showd him and still till this day that were older we still have ketchup fights.
1/9/2010 5:21:09 PM
Melissa Soriano United States
Melissa Soriano
hey guys boys arent the only ones who did that,
im 18yrs old and of course im a GIRL!!!! and me and my brother whos 16yrs old, We would have ketchup fights everytime we eat ate mcdonalds its actually really fun, ummm...i always get him he harldy ever gets me bcus ill tattle tale, lol! :b But its a real fun thing to have that "KODAK" monet with a sibling...lol!
But yeah ever since we were kids i was like if you fold the ketchup packet in half and squeeze it real hard itll get all over the person your pointing it at, so one day it was soooo quiet in my car and i told my brother aye, think FAST and i suirted ketchup in his face he was like mad then started lauhging and i looked at him he was like duuude how did you do that i was like like this...i showd him and still till this day that were older we still have ketchup fights
1/9/2010 5:21:21 PM
Tina United States
Love listening to K-Love. It's an absolutely a Blessing to me.

But on the topic of ketchup packets.. Never had the ketchup fights but have witnessed the event.   This topic brought up a memory at a job I had many years ago.  A girl colleague and I were at lunch sitting across from eachother talking away.  I was holding a mustard packet while squeezing the mustard inside back & forth until it accidentially the packet broke on one side and mustard shot across the table all over my colleague's white blouse.  All I remember is that we were both surprised of what occured and than burst out laughing... She fortunately lived close to work that she ran home to change.  I felt really bad but it was one of those unexpected & funny moments dealing with these condiment packets...

Have a Blessed Day!!!
1/9/2010 5:22:29 PM
Amber United States
i think we did far worse.. when we were on long trips in high school we would twist them and put them under the toilet seat... once a person would sit down they would burst and it would fly everywhere... we would only do it on people we knew... to see their faces would make us crack up...
1/9/2010 5:23:58 PM
Stacy United States
I soooo remember those packs of ketcup...I didn't squirt them myself but witnessed many 'fights' growing up!  It was all funny until I was 16 and working at McD's.  One night I  had to clean up the lobby after a bus filled with high schoolers and a major ketcup packet fight.
1/9/2010 5:25:00 PM
Sheri United States
Girls have fun with ketchup packets too.  I remember lining them up on the ground and running them over with my bike. What fun memories!
1/9/2010 5:25:28 PM
Melissa Soriano United States
Melissa Soriano
TRY IT KELLI!!!!!!!!!
1/9/2010 5:26:07 PM
Emily United States
Why is it called fancy ketchup? Have you noticed how they all say that? What's so fancy about it?
1/9/2010 5:27:00 PM
Jenny United States
These stories are making me giggle! I remember when I was little anytime my dad stayed home with us kids, he would threaten us to be good and then try to take a nap on the couch while we played. Well one time I was bored while he was napping and I sat at the coffee table with a ketchup packet. Wouldn't you know it burst and went all over my dad there on the couch? It's funny now but I'm sure at the time he didn't think it was! lol
1/9/2010 5:27:06 PM
Savannah United States
Ialways do that to my friends at lunch. right before they sit i put it on the chair and it gets all over their pants.its so funny!! lol I never get sick of it! ha
1/9/2010 5:27:10 PM
Brooke United States
In high school, I attended a girls summer field hockey camp. Some of my classmates decided to play pranks on the underclassmen.  They put ketchup packets under the toilet seats so when you would sit down, the packets would explode and make a mess!  I've never tried it out myself, but it sounds like it could have a been a good time
1/9/2010 5:28:11 PM
Dylan white United States
Dylan white
yes me & my cousin had one when i was in school
1/9/2010 5:29:27 PM
tom johnson United States
tom johnson
I tried to call you guys this morning but I couldn't find your number...

So here is my ketchup packet story.

I just turned 42 but when I was 4 or 5 years old I was gardening with my mom in the front yard. We were both sittin' on the ground pullin' weeds when my mother found an old ketchup packet that was buried in the dirt. She set it off to the side and continued pullin' weeds...but kids will be kids and I was curious. I quietly reached around her and grabbed the ketchup packet. It was a long time ago but I still remember the way it felt as I squeezed the ketchup back and forth in it's lil' container. I guess I squeezed a lil' too hard though and the ketchup squirted out right into my eye!! It scared me and I screamed as I grabbed my eye...my mother turned around and she saw her lil' boy screaming, with his hands over his "bloody" eye! My poor mother...when she found out that it was the ketchup packet she thought that I had done it on purpose!
1/9/2010 5:30:13 PM
Tristina United States
My brother and I used to take the ketchup packets and put them under car tires.... when people back up. It would make a loud pop and then shoopt red stuff out... we used to laugh as some people would get out of their cars to check what it was. SOOO funny!
1/9/2010 5:30:55 PM
Dawn Conner United States
Dawn Conner
My 14 year old daughter just told me how truly mean she was in public school.  She would put the ketchup packets under the toilet seat and when someone would sit down the would squirt on the legs of the person sitting.  Now I know why she is no longer in public school (she is homeschooled and no she hasn't put a ketchup packet under the toilet seat, she knows she would have to clean the bathroom for weeks if she did that.)  For all those that she did that too, I am so sorry she was so mean.  (But in a way it is kinda funny.)
1/9/2010 5:34:21 PM
Kelly United States
Of course I remember blasting ketchup packets (mustard packets, too!) at others.  I even remember my husband and his friends doing it to each other in college.  One good stomp and SPLAT!!  
1/9/2010 5:36:31 PM
Angie Rouse United States
Angie Rouse
Yep. We did that in school. Placed the ketchup packets on the floor and anxiously waited for someone to step on it as they walked by. It was cheap entertainment. It was too funny!
1/9/2010 5:38:59 PM
Kelly United States
BTW, the time stamp on your comments must be on the fritz.  It's saying 3:34 AM when it's 11:34 AM (unless you happen to be located in Hawaii, I guess)
1/9/2010 5:44:36 PM
Julie United States
Here's another fun one....when I was a teenager I worked at a family style restaurant in town.  We discovered that those little individual tubs of butter they give you for your potato or roll will do the same thing as a ketchup packet if pressure is applied just right.  Smile
1/9/2010 5:47:48 PM
Chris Goodland United States
Chris Goodland
I've done it before. We also used to stab ketchup packets with forks when I was in elementary school.
1/9/2010 5:51:54 PM
Stephen Klacik United States
Stephen Klacik
My Grandma asked me to open one of those ketchup packets for her and it opened up the wrong way somehow and got all over her nice lamp shade! But truly, I wasen't doing it for fun!
1/9/2010 5:51:54 PM
Jessica United States
When I was in 8th grade (15 years ago), my friends and I would save our ketchup packets from lunch, and we would pretend our noses were bleeding, just so we could get out of our science class!
1/9/2010 5:51:57 PM
Heather M United States
Heather M
I must be from the dark ages (I am only 31) because I have never done nor been around anyone who has had ketchup packet fights or put them in various places to have people step or sit on them. Of course, I hate ketchup so that might be part of it... but I've never had the urge to do it with mustard packets either.
1/9/2010 5:54:12 PM
Tiffany United States
I remember one time just a few weeks ago that I freaked my mom out by spreading ketchup on my finger and running in yelling that my finger was going to fall off. The ketchup looked so much like blood that she thought I had cut myself. My sister and I laughed for a long time with that one!
1/9/2010 5:54:27 PM
marie United States
i have 2 girls and one boy and they were 3,5,7 i worked nights and i came home they were sleeping so i napped on the couch well about 45 mins i woke up to them laughing and jumping off the love seat to the floor where they lined up jelly and kecthup packs and wanted to see how far they could go. well after that i had to trash the area rug .but to this day it is talked about and they are 16,18,20
1/9/2010 5:55:56 PM
Will United States
I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight when I noticed a hot sauce packet that was dropped on the floor. I thought about picking it up but was tired after hefting all my bags through security so I left it. Not a minute later one of those buggies that gets driven around ran over the packet and I got covered from head to toe with hot sauce. At the time it wasn't funny but I can laugh about it now. It's just a shame that no one saw it happen.
1/9/2010 5:59:31 PM
Gayle Murrell United States
Gayle Murrell
Last year at DNow, one of our more "theatrical" students was riding the zip line and I was taking pictures of them. She flipped off the line and was just laying there, moaning and when I ran to her and turned her over, she had red stuff coming out of her mouth. I screamed and began to freak out until I smelled something not right... you guessed ... See Moreit. I smelled ketchup. She had gotten permission from another youth leader to prank me and timed her fall so that by the time I made it to her, she has smeared ketchup from one of the packets just perfectly on her mouth to make me think she had busted her mouth open. I'm still plotting revenge! The ketchup packet pranks live on in our youth today!
1/9/2010 6:03:09 PM
Brian United States
When I was about 10, my brother volunteered me to be the "victim" of a bicycle accident in our gravel driveway. I lay down under the bike and he and a neighbor squirted ketchup from the packets all over me. Then my brother ran in the house screaming that I had wrecked my bike and was bleeding really bad. My mom freaked out and come running out of the house screaming. I was so upset that I immediately jumped up, started crying and saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." We never got any punishment but if my 13 year old did that to me he would be grounded for a very long time.
1/9/2010 6:09:28 PM
paula United States
Don't forget one team ketchup the other mustard
1/9/2010 6:09:46 PM
BIlly B. United States
BIlly B.
I was reading a book and it had these two boys who would put ketchup packets under toilet seats and when someone sat down it squirted their thighs.Tong

So i tried it at school and When someone sat down they would get squirted and get really mad and would go chase some random kid.Tong Tong

Needless to say I haven't got caught yet.
1/9/2010 6:13:03 PM
Terri United States
I am laughing as the ketchup stories are coming in.  I do remember the boys in the school cafeteria stepping on the ketchup packets with splaters all over.  Both of my boys like to drink (eat) the ketchup.  Last year we were sitting in a restaurant and my son, age 6, went to squirt the ketchup into his mouth-however he ended up squirted the ketchup in his eye.  He was screaming like I had never heard from him.  It was quit the commotion, he recovered and finished his ice cream. Jesse is one tough kid.  Believe it or not both of my boys still liek the ketchup.
Thanks for all your stories and encouragement.  The boys and I love to listen to KLOVE.
1/9/2010 6:21:19 PM
Dennis United States
what you do is always have a pin on you, and if you poke a small hole in the middle of the packet you can squeeze the ketchup out in a long stream. So you can see who can squirt the farthest OR use them like squirt guns and have fights with them.
1/9/2010 7:26:37 PM
Lisa United States
When I was about twelve I squeezed one of those little packets a bit too much and it squirted out BOTH ends!  Part of it ended up on our textured ceiling which I tried to wipe off which wiped off the texture!  Part of it ended up on my little sister's new coat--not on the dark blue part but, of course, on the white trim around the hood!  The whole story came out much later in life.  Mom and Dad kept waiting for one of us to fess up, but it took me a long time to do so!
1/9/2010 7:50:35 PM
trina brown United States
trina brown
when my son was about 8 we were at mcdonalds. He
was fiddling around with his ketchup packett.
Pretty soon he laid it on the table and gave it
a little pound with his fist. Right about the time
the ketchup came squirting out a lady with white
pants on walked by. She looked down at her pants
then at us, like how dare you! I apologized and  felt like crawling under the table!
1/9/2010 10:04:55 PM
Diana United States
what r they gunna look like now then? it's hard to imagine any other packet you can put ketchup in! Smile lol
1/9/2010 11:11:53 PM
Paul United States
ketchup on french toast?nah.
1/9/2010 11:32:55 PM
Edward Ransom United States
Edward Ransom
I think one of my favorite pranks was sticking one under the tire of the car next to me, then having my clueless friend stand next to that tire. Next thing they know... PPTTHTHTHTHTHTH... a leg full of ketchup!!! (plus all the other ketchup packet wars we had...) ^_^
1/10/2010 2:59:43 AM
Gabi United States
When I was a little girl (4 or 5), I was sitting in the back seat of the car and found a ketchup packet on the floor. Despite my mother's warnings, I stuck it between the heel of my foot and the bottom of my shoe. After squeezing it with my foot for a few seconds, it exploded all over the floor of the car and my mother earned another "told you so" moment. It was a good learning experience, though!
1/10/2010 3:37:01 AM
Leandra United States
ok, this was so funny, about a few years ago it was my dads B-day and he had this package with tape all over it, so he said that he had to go get his knife to open it.  I was always nervous when he used the knife to cut things cause it was a hazard for him to lose control and accidentally slice his finger, well he went to get his knife then came back.  He was cutting the tape with it and he went back to fast and he slit his hand and blood squirted EVERYWHERE!!  We were terrified and are faces were white, we were just there frozen in out place purely horrified of what just happened!  It turned out it was a Ketchup packet that he purposely sliced to think that he cut himself.  When he went to go get his knife, that is when he got the ketchup packet, what is funny is that he really didn’t need a knife to open it, I wonder how long he had planned it or if it was just a spur of a moment thing!  When we found out of what he did we couldn’t stop laughing, because it scared us out of our wits! lol such and hilarious memory!
1/10/2010 3:38:52 AM
Leandra United States
That stinks that they are not making the ketchup packets anymore Frown Frown Frown, you can do so many hilarious pranks with them!
1/10/2010 3:48:10 AM
Faith Sisters in Christ United States
Faith Sisters in Christ
no i don't really think i ever got into a ketchup fight but i have to addmdit that i do get ketchup in hair or on clothes or on arms and legs and stuff. ketchup and i don't LOVE eachother! ASK JESUS INTO YOUR HEART! GOD AND JESUS LOVE US!
1/10/2010 5:39:16 AM
Lisa United States
It appears that they are going to look like the packages that the jelly companies have adopted a long time ago.
1/10/2010 3:44:45 PM
Rachel United States
Ever recieved a squishy from one of these things? I know they are going to change it to a tomato!
1/10/2010 6:56:42 PM
Vicky Priestley United States
Vicky Priestley
We were having lunch at MacDonalds when my oldest son was innocently shaking his ketchup packet to mix it well before tearing off the corner to use on his fries. Well, unbeknown to him, his younger brother had already torn off the opposite corner, and as the ketchup packet was lifted in the air to mix, the tossing back and forth shot the ketchup into the next booth up and down the back of a man eating his lunch...we couldn't help but giggle and not sure if the guy splattered ever learned of it before he got home, of course,....we were all laughing so hard at the accidentally slung ketchup, we could barely finish our dinner.....
1/10/2010 8:43:22 PM
Samantha Albin United States
Samantha Albin
I've never had a ketchup fight, but we do have food fights at home.  It's so fun, especially when you catch one of the kids of guard and throw a roll that has mashed potatos and gravy on it.  A perfect aim will nail them on the side of the face.  Then the fight is on.  We've had spaghetti fights, cake with icing fights, water fights and the roll up side the head was the all time best.  It's all fun, and it lets the kids know that mom and dad can have fun, and I don't get mad over the mess cause, the house will clean, but their memories of childhood are more important.
1/11/2010 3:08:31 AM
Yvonne United States
No, I never had any fights with ketchup packets. However, I have drove over one before and ketchup splatterd all over the car. Fun time getting that off! Smile
1/13/2010 7:12:56 PM
Teeky United States
wat's a ketchup fight? how do you do it with the pakcets? they never open so how would you squirt each other? i wud just use the big bottle!! mwaaaa haha!! >=)
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