Feb 08 2010

Tim Tebow is SUPER!

Sure I am a Florida Gator fan, but a far bigger fan of Jesus!  Whether you a Gator fan or not, it's hard not to be a fan of Gator quarterback Tim Tebow.  There has been controversy surrounding the Super Bowl this year due to the Focus On The Family commercial featuring Tim Tebow's story.  The commercial is very sweet, and certainly nothing controversial, in my opinion. 

If you missed the video, here's a link to the Focus on the Family website so that you can see it, and a great follow-up video with Tim's parents. 

I think that you'll love hearing Tim's miracle story, and how much of a difference you can make as a parent.  I hope this encourages you today! 

We would love to hear how you encourage your kids....

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1/28/2010 6:39:13 PM
Debbie Isley United States
Debbie Isley
Im a Gator Fan, and I too thing the Tim Tebow add  had a Great message as well and there was nothing in it that I feel anyone should have felt threated by, it was a mother standing up and telling her story about her baby. The way my husband and I encourage our children  is letting them know that God Loves us ALWAYS we cant do anything that he cant forgive and He is always  with us and we have also told our children to stand firm on what they believe in and never back down and they can do anything they set there mind to  and to never let anyone tell you that you cant, thats what we do for our children. love DEBBIE
1/28/2010 11:48:39 PM
Lindsey Nelson United States
Lindsey Nelson
Found this commercial to be very sweet and the message to be very serious. Thank you to the Tebows. You are so very inspiring! It's strange to think I was faced with this decision 6 years ago and now all I think of is how precious my Emilia is,she now sings songs from K-love in the car and even inspires me! I have been purely changed by God's presence in my life.
I made it count today by posting the focus on the family spots on my facebook with a special message.
Now I am curious about Drew Brees and Scott's comments about his heart....searching nowSmile
Thanks Scott and Kelli, great work.
1/29/2010 12:55:17 AM
Joshua Parker United States
Joshua Parker
The controversy over that commercial makes no sense at all. AT ALL.
I have no kids, but I want to tell how my parents encourage me.
I draw comic strips, and my parents have supported me in everything I do. They've bought many of my art supplies, gave me a drawing table, and have never been afraid to tell me when an idea is a bad one, helping me to make the best ideas I can.
I am truly blessed to have them.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!
2/8/2010 5:06:52 PM
Siegener Catering Germany
Siegener Catering
my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.
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