he people who do weird and crazy things must have something else in them? Something else that doesn't belong? I believe it makes so much sense. Light overcomes darkness. ALWAYS. Michael Vick is AWESOME and God loves him and thinks He's amazing! Even when he was "living in sin" God still thought he was amazing. Nothing we can do can make God change His mind about us. He loves us all so much! Every single time we hurt, God hurts. We are here to manifest God. When Jesus walked the earth it was easy for Him to love everyone because He saw their created value. That's how we are supposed to see everyone. If we have hatred towards people, we are not manifesting God. I understand that what I'm saying is confusing and crazy because many "Christians" don't believe in this. But really, everything I'm saying is Biblical. Everything I have learned this year has been from the Holy Spirit. I know when it's not from the Holy Spirit if it's not Biblical. So God loves you all and He thinks you are all amazing! Comments are closed