Apr 21 2011

Christ DID rise!

Check out this great article from USA Today as we enter Easter weekend! I love the last line...Christ DID rise! Hallelujah! http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/forum/2011-04-21-Easter-lesson-for-atheists.htm#

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Apr 19 2011

Dr Paul Meier on Dealing with Absent Parents

If you have had trouble relating to your parents, or a parent has been absent in your life, Dr. Meier has some great advice how to handle the situation. Any time you have a question to ask Dr. Meier, please ask. He is more than happy to answer your questions!


Here is the advice Dr. Meier shared with Alice today:

Dear Dr. Meier, I am a single professional woman who loves KLOVE and gets a lot of encouragement from Scott and Kelli and the wonderful music they choose. But my heart is heavy today because my Dad died last week. He totally rejected my mother and me when I was just an infant, with very little contact since then. But I am grieving more for him than I even did for my awesome and loving mother who died over a year ago. How could that happen? Sincerely, Alice



Dear Alice,

When you grow up with an absent or rejecting parent, most people will develop a stronger and stronger fantasy that some day, that particular parent will repent and come through and love you the way you deserved to be loved your entire life. You have so much to offer to that rejecting parent, but he (or she) does not ever recognize that, and devotes himself to the “fool’s gold” that the rat race of life offers, missing out on the pure gold of a loving relationship with his own child. So when the absent parent dies, the FANTASY DIES TOO, and THAT is what you are grieving.

 The solution is to realize that there are seven billion people on planet earth, and your father was just one of them—YOUR GENE DONOR. You don’t need his acceptance any more than you need the acceptance of MY father, or that I need the acceptance of your father.  So go ahead and grieve the death of your fantasy, but realize that you DO need to love and be loved by substitute fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters. The church is a good place to find them, but other close friends will help you too. Psalm 68 teaches us that God takes the lonely and places us in substitute families.

 Paul Meier MD

If you'd like to listen to our conversation with Dr. Meier, click here.

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Apr 08 2011

Support K-LOVE and win a guitar!

Get ready to rock out! As a thank you to you, any prayer or financial pledge made BEFORE 7pm CST (5pm PST) will be eligible to win an autographed guitar from MercyMe!

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Michael Vick's story reminds us that there is hope for all of us!
Feb 09 2010

Michael Vick's story reminds us that there is hope for all of us!

Upon reading about Michael Vick, we are reminded that there is redemption for anyone who trusts in Christ, and prays for forgiveness.  His friend and mentor Tony Dungy modeled how important it is that we strive to Make A Difference in our lives.  If you have ever thought that you couldn't make a difference, maybe this paragraph from day 29 of Pastor Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life will encourage you.

Abraham was old, Jacob was insecure, Leah was unattrractive, Joseph was abused, Moses stuttered, Gideon was poor, Samson was codependent, Rahab was immoral, David had an affair and all kinds of family problems, Elijah was suicidal, Jeremiah was depressed, Jonah was reluctant, Naomi was a widow, John the Baptist was eccentric to say the least, Peter was impulsive and hot-tempered, Martha worried a lot, the Samaritan woman had several failed marriages, Zacchaecus was unpopular, Thomas had doubts, Paul had poor health, and Timothy was timid. That is quite a variety of misfits, but God used each of them in his service. He will use you , too, if you stop making excuses.


Comments (15) -

2/1/2010 12:45:24 PM
Addison Kirk United States
Addison Kirk
Thank you for posting this. I heard it read on the the radio, and was touched.
2/1/2010 12:49:10 PM
Jasmine United States
I LOVE this story. Sometimes we undermine someone because of something "horrible" they did. But this is what I love about Christianity. That NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE there is hope and forgiveness through our Lord, Jesus Christ. These stories are also lessons for us to learn (not being trapped by sin (like Michael) and also learning that God is a forgiving God). That's why Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.
2/1/2010 12:52:25 PM
Angie United States
Thank you for posting this. I was almost in tears hearing Scott read this. I have SO needed to hear it lately.
2/1/2010 12:53:12 PM
Debbie United States
A few months back God put it in my heart to start some type of mentoring program in my community.  I had to put it on hold because of some financial problems that had to be dealt with, but last month, God renewed that vision in my heart.  I am not an influential person in my community, and am somewhat shy, but at the same time, I know what God has told me what I need to do, and given me the direction I need to go in.  Last month, the morning show was talking about one word to describe this year, and that word has just this week come to me--purpose.  It's true that He has given each one of us a job to do, whether it is to clean the church, cook for someone, or just be a prayer warrior.  We can make a difference in this world.  All we have to do is just be available.  Thank you for touching on this, because it seems that has been on my mind and heart so heavy lately.  And please pray that I can accomplish this great task that God has laid before me with confidence, purpose, and integrity.
2/1/2010 1:07:47 PM
Bonnie United States
I'm someone who listens to people and that is the way I am, and youth come to me, and I'm suprised but I encourage them. I drink but don't get drunk. I bless them hearing them and they bless me with their hugs, and acceptance, and they live on their tips if I can I give more to them so I can be a helping hand. I'm just me. Simple but listening to hear. My problem speech I can't please others, and I feel that I don't qualify I am just a listener, i don't judge
2/1/2010 6:48:25 PM
katie v. United States
katie v.
thnx for this paragraph. i sometimes feel like there are alot of things wrong w/ me and my life/family this paragraph showed me that it doesn't matter what is wrong w/ anyone. that no matter who u r, God can use u in any way; at any time. thnx again. luv u guys!
2/1/2010 7:20:47 PM
Helena United States
Scott and Kelli....Regarding the new Face Book...Kelli...I AM SO WITH YOU GIRL !! I cannot find the list with pics of my friends...and took a little time to find out where you log out !! Some comments are there..not all,then there they go into cyber space I guess....Lord help us please...it is so frustrating....God Bless You two for your show....Helena
2/1/2010 7:27:36 PM
Faith Sisters in Christ United States
Faith Sisters in Christ
2/2/2010 3:06:59 AM
Gretchen Miller United States
Gretchen Miller
When hearing about Michael's coming to know Christ, I felt bad because I had ill thoughts about what he did. I'm a Long Time K-Love supporter and an amimal lover. My brother is a good friend of Andy Reid, Michael's Head coach who brought him onto his Eagles team. I had a hard time understanding why after what Michael had done. Though Andy (a wonderful man) brought him onto the team for Michael's great football talent, I still didn't understand. Today, after hearing of Michael's humble turnover, I felt terrible about how I held onto my judgement.  I asked God to forgive me and I praised him for giving Michael a chance at a much better life....a life following our Great God, of whom shows great mercy to all who call apon His name. I felt ashamed, as I have numerous flaws  myself, and this point just drove it home even more for me. So, Michael, if you get a chance to read this, please forgive me. I had no right. We are all saved by grace. I know that first hand. And I'm sure God has great plans for you, as He does for all His children. There by the grace of God go I. Not only are you back playing the game you love, but you will now be an embassader for the God who loves you more than you will ever know. The best is yet to come.
2/2/2010 12:27:05 PM
Caleb United States
Jesus Said I forgive and forgetr your sins!  For ther are  as far as the east is from the West!  If you keep going west you will never go East!!!!  If you go East you will never go West! By his blodd are we made white as snow!  That is how much Jesus loves and forgives us!!!!   His LOVE, FORGIVENESS, GRACE, AND MERCY last forever!!!!!  I did not come for the strong but for the lost, weeek, and burdened!!!!  Let us live our lives after him and for him!!!!!  For he alone is what I need!!!!  He is everything to me!!!!!!!!  By his blood on the  Cross Was our sins washed away and our burdens took and carried by his his back on calvery!!!!    Holy!!!!  Holy is our father and saviour!!!!   All glory and honor belongs to him!!!!! For I am forgiven!  I have been set free!
1/7/2011 3:40:39 PM
Anita United States
I am reading how everyone feels Michael Vick is sorry for what he did and how he came to Christ. I am a Christian woman and I do believe in forgiveness. However, I have seen nothing come from Mr Vick that tells me he is sorry for what he did to those poor dogs. He has been quoted as saying he would still be fighting dogs if he hadn't been caught. That is not remorse. Nor has he paid his debt. The punishment he received was a slap on the wrist in comparison to the crime. I read the transcripts of the trail and saw the pictures. I do continue to pray for him, and hopefully one day he will truly come to Christ.
1/7/2011 5:07:22 PM
Kathy United States
Yes, we should cheer for Michael Vick. He made some mistakes, but obviously asked God to forgive him as he rededicated his life to God. "Love one another as I have Loved you..." It's not easy sometimes when applied to life. But that is our greatest commandment, per Jesus Himself. Perhaps the greatest because it is the hardest.
1/7/2011 5:41:27 PM
john may United States
john may
Can you judge the heart? Doesn't sound remorseful? Oh, what does remorseful sound like? If Michael Vick made a great play, I would cheer for him, even though I'm not a football fan. I'll leave it up to God to decide if he's forgiven and work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. Oh, I could go on and on. Just one last thought. Think about motes and beams in eyes.
1/7/2011 7:25:50 PM
Noe Molina United States
Noe Molina
Matthew 18:21-35 the parable of the unmerciful servant. How our Father in heaven will forgive. If the father in heaven can forgive Michael Vick I can to. He is a brother in Christ. To cheer for him would be difficult for me just cause he plays for the eagles and I'm a Cowboy fan myself...LOL. I like Michael just because of his athetlic ability. Knowing that he gave his life to Christ, I will always respect him no matter who he plays for or what he has done.
1/9/2011 4:47:20 PM
Heather United States
I would just like to say that Jesus came here and died for ALL of our sins. And He didn't just die for believers, He died for unbelieivers as well. Therefore we are no longer sinners. The only sin left and the only sin that people go to hell for, is the sin of not accepting Christ into your life. God is not in control of the world or His people. The enemy has taken control of this world, that's why it is so bad. Demons are EVERYWHERE and they love to mess with our heads. Doesn't it make sense that the people who do weird and crazy things must have something else in them? Something else that doesn't belong? I believe it makes so much sense. Light overcomes darkness. ALWAYS. Michael Vick is AWESOME and God loves him and thinks He's amazing! Even when he was "living in sin" God still thought he was amazing. Nothing we can do can make God change His mind about us. He loves us all so much! Every single time we hurt, God hurts. We are here to manifest God. When Jesus walked the earth it was easy for Him to love everyone because He saw their created value. That's how we are supposed to see everyone. If we have hatred towards people, we are not manifesting God. I understand that what I'm saying is confusing and crazy because many "Christians" don't believe in this. But really, everything I'm saying is Biblical. Everything I have learned this year has been from the Holy Spirit. I know when it's not from the Holy Spirit if it's not Biblical. So God loves you all and He thinks you are all amazing!
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